#Derbyscores - 3rd November 2014

Happy Monday you lovely roller derby people! It's Mr X here with another collection of #derbyscores from around Europe and beyond! There's been a ton of derby this weekend, including the small matter of the WFTDA Division 1 and Division 2 Championships!
Big props to London Rollergirls and Bear City Roller Derby for taking the European action to Champs - here's how it all went down!

It was quite the tumultuous tournament with Philly Roller Girls, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, Angel City Derby Girls and Minnesota RollerGirls all going out in the first round. Big up Victorian Roller Derby League for representing Australia and hitting hard in the first round!
Bear City Roller Derby pulled out a one point win against Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls with only eight skaters left! 
For the first time since November 2010, Gotham Girls Roller Derby were losing at half-time, although they dragged the victory back by the end of the match. 
All in all, a slobber-knocker of a weekend and big love to all the teams taking part!

Now then, Europe...

The Heartland Series took the last step before the finals with East Division Game 7!
Milton Keynes go on to face Severn Roller Torrent in the final, and Big Bucks High Rollers will go up against Oxford Roller Derby. The final is in Newark on 23rd November - get your tickets while you still can!

Newcastle Roller Girls hosted a double header and took both wins!

Hades Roller Boys hosted Spookapolooza, but it was two wins for the visitors!

The same thing happened in Wrexham:

Middlesbrough Milk Rollers faced off against Central City Rollergirls twice and it was one win apiece!
  • Middlesbrough Milk Rollers - B Team 122 - 248 Central City Rollergirls - B Team
  • Middlesbrough Milk Rollers - A Team 154  - 126 Central City Rollergirls - A Team

It was a home win for Croydon Roller Derby in the excellently named Planet of the Apex!

There were also home wins in Hereford...

And in Edinburgh:

The Switchblade Rollergrrrls played host to Amsterdam but it was a win for the visitors:

So there you have it! Another huge dose of derby awesomeness.
Make sure we know your games and scores by using our Derby Bouts Google Doc, and don't forget to share your full and half-time #derbyscores using that there hashtag so we can find them!
Until next time, this is Mr X signing off - skate hard but skate safe y'all!

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