#derbyscores - 17th November 2014

Hello Roller Derby World! It's Mr X here with a bumper batch of #derbyscores from this weekend.
Unless you were living under a rock, you will have known about the WFTDA European Tournament, hosted by Malmo's Crime City Rollers! Let's do the run down of that, right now!

Day One - Friday

Day Two - Saturday

Day Three - Sunday

There wasn't a single winning team at WET, but there were MVPs! 

Meanwhile, back on the ranch...
In Huddersfield, Dublin Roller Derby came over for a double header!
At Brawlroom Blitz, London Rockin' Rollers took a home win against old rivals Birmingham Blitz Dames!
In Ile-de France, there was a home win for Roller Derby Panthers:
But it was mostly a weekend of away wins!
In Stuttgart:
In Dresden:
  • Dresden Pioneers 114 - 170 Graveyard Queens Cologne
In Grangemouth, Scotland:
Bairn City Rollers - A Team (Central Belters) 25 - 409 Dundee Roller Girls - B Team (Rising Stars)

In Newcastle:
Tyne and Fear - B Team (Inglorious B*Stars) 317 - 117 East Anglo Smacksons

And in Le Cres, France:

So there you have it. A big weekend for the WFTDA European scene. Next weekend it's the final of the Heartland Series, among other things - it's gonna be epic!
Don't forget to share your #derbyscores with us using the hashtag, and keep us up to speed with your forthcoming games via our Google Doc. 
Until next week, this is Mr X signing off. Skate hard, but skate safe y'all!

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