#derbyscores - 10th November 2014

Hello hello! It's Mr X here with another dose of #derbyscores action!
A fairly mellow weekend this time, but only in terms of the number of games! Rest assured the derby action was as fast and furious as ever! Let's get on with it!

Stockholm Roller Derby hosted an international double header and took both wins!
Liverpool Roller Birds hosted a double header against Bristol Roller Derby but it was a double win for the visitors!
Oslo Roller Derby hosted A Day of Derby II featuring an international collection of teams!
In the non-double header matches, it was home wins across the board!
And there you have it! One of the quietest weekends in ages! I'm sure that'll all change next weekend, when we've the tiny matter of the WFTDA European Tournament!
Be sure to tell us what games you've got coming up via our Google Doc and don't be shy in using the #derbyscores hashtag to share those full and half-time scores on Twitter.
Until next weekend, this is Mr X signing off! Keep being awesome y'all!

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