Derby - The Dark Side of the Moon!

It's funny how in roller derby we love a bruise!  The bigger the better, the pain is irrelevant!!  It is always a huge disappointment when you think it's gonna be a corker and you wake up in the morning and you can feel it, but nothing is there!!

On the other side, sometimes they come out a beauty and the first thing that happens is that we get out the camera and post it in our hall of pain!!  Share it with our derby friends whilst our non-derby friends look at us like we have actually lost our minds!!!

I had not really thought about how as soon as we have an injury/bruise, we don't seem to worry about the pain, we just reach for a camera and share it with the world until this week. I have seen some great bruises and the most impressive before this week, was Stace Invader's from PCRG who had a massive bruise on her shoulder. Then, this week at our training session, my good friend and team mate Natomic Bomb (Nat) took a tumble during our 'on skates fitness' and her Natomic bum cheek took the brunt of the fall. She was dazed and confused (she also hit her head) and soon her right cheek started to swell.  When we drove her home she had to kneel all the way! In the early hours of the morning our lovely team mate and good friend Jay CB had to drive Nat up to A and E where I think all of the staff had come to have a look whilst Nat just lay there with her dark side of the moon glowing for all to see!! Since then Nat shared it online and she even had comments and messages from complete strangers who the picture had been shared with!!! 

We all have our Hall of Pain within our league and it made me wonder if there is a general world Derby one?  I couldn't find one so I have created a group Roller Derby Hall of Pain so if you have an injury or bruise you would like to share as a result of Derby load it up and let's have a global Hall of Pain!!!

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There was/is a page on FB:
But it doesn't look like it's been active for a few years. I've definitely got a few 'colourful' pics from my career! Good luck with the new page!


Would love to see them!!  A few people have added so hopefully it will keep going! Nothing like a bit of bruise showing off!