Derby for fitness: The Show Up Goal

I’m not a natural athlete. Don’t get me wrong, I train hard and do everything I can to improve, but it isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t fast.


When I decided to return to derby a few months ago I was overweight by about 35lbs (16kg) and was carrying the burden of an injury with me, so while I wanted to succeed, I also wanted to be realistic.


This created what I call my Show Up Goal. Basically all I wanted to do was commit to myself that I would show up to practice twice a week and hit the gym twice a week. Pretty much all I had to do was put on the appropriate clothes and show up.


Seriously, if all I have to do is show up, how can I fail?


What I didn’t expect were the happy side effects that come with showing up. A few months later my fitness is improving, I’m down 22lbs (10kg), I have passed minimum skills, and every time I get on skates I get better at something. Woot!


What this taught me, was that by eliminating the pressure to excel, I had room to remain conservative with my hopes but didn’t provide any room for excuses. Many will say we need to push ourselves or that we all need goals for things to improve upon and I do agree that we need goals. However, when you are new to derby or returning from injury think about giving the show up goal a try.


It’s really quite a gift to know that as soon as you lace on those skates, you have already had at least one victory in your day.

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DOB: 11/1/1977

Skate. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

Swerving around on the track or at the rink leaves me smiling in a way few things ever have. Because of this I made the decision to put my skates back on after an almost two-year hiatus and started skating in Auckland New Zealand with the Pirate City Rollers.


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