Derby DIY: Lego Minifig MVP Awards


How to Make Your Very Own Lego Minifig MVP Awards

Level of Difficulty: Hard (due to the materials and fine motorskills required)


  • Various Lego parts (can be ordered from Lego website)
  • Spray paint (recommended, but acrylic paint will work too)
  • Skewer sticks
  • Transfer paper
  • Clear Acrylic Spray Coating
  • Wooden base plaques
  • Small trophies
  • Tweezers
  • Small cup and water
  • Graphic editing software
  • Black, Gold, and Brown acrylic paint (for the wooden base)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Printer


This project takes a bit of time but the results will be some pretty unique and exciting MVP trophies. The project is broken down into three parts: 1) making the Lego skater, 2) Making your logos and applying them to the minifig, and 3) putting them all together on the base.

1.       The Lego Minifig:

For this part you are going to want to break up the minifig into all separate parts. Pull apart the legs, torso, head, hands, and clear plastic squares that act as skates. Decide which parts will need to be painted and affix them to the wooden skewers. I found this worked best because the parts are so light, they can get blown away by the air from the spray paint. If you put them on skewers you can get a 360 degree paint job and not worry about the paint smudging or the part getting blown off the table. Stick the skewer in some soil or clay to allow the Lego parts to dry.


Once your parts are painted the uniform colors you can add the accessories. I added elbow and knee pads by hand painting with acrylic paint. Depending on your ability you could also add numbers, tattoos, or other accessories.

2.        The Logo:

Use your photo editing software to design a team logo or use your own team logo to make the jersey for your minifig. It is important to consider the base color you are going to apply your transfer to. Light colors will not show up well against dark jerseys so I recommend painting small highlight areas on the jersey in white so that text and graphics will show up crisply. Once you have designed your logo print it using photo quality onto the transfer paper. Once printed, spray two to three coats of Clear Acrylic Coating over the decals to protect the ink from bleeding during the next step. To remove the decal from the paper cut it out as close to the design as possible and submerge it in water until the backing starts to pull away from the top sheet. I found using a pair of tweezers to separate the two gently worked well. The tweezers are also very helpful for applying the small decals to the front of the mini figs. If you choose you can also add names or numbers to the backs of the mini fig’s jersey using this same process.

Once the decal is applied gently press out any air bubbles and allow to dry.


3.         The Base:

I used wooden bases from a local craft store and painted them using a Burnt Sienna acrylic paint and highlighted with gold. You can use a paper towel to apply and smudge the paint so that it takes on more of a stained look rather than a matte surface.

Assemble your minifig and attach it to the base using wood glue. Repeat with the trophy and let dry thoroughly.

From here you can decorate the base further, add the letters “MVP” or dictate which position the MVP is for (Jammer, Blocker, Pivot, etc.)

Have fun! You can make a ton of different types of minifigs. Don't forget about our refs or NSOs!




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