Derby Data Europe - Weekend Preview - 28th March 2014

This weekend sees twenty-nine women’s roller derby games happening in Europe, here are the most notable games.

Highest ranked game: Stockholm Roller Derby (4) vs Crime City Rollers (6). These teams have played each other 5 times previously, with Stockholm taking the win three times. This game is guaranteed to be exciting.


Game that may have the biggest impact on the rankings: Basingstoke Roller Derby (233) vs Plymouth City Roller Girls (100). With a rankings difference of 133 places and a predicted win of OVER 170 points for Plymouth, there is potential for a lot of movement within the rankings.


Closest predicted game: Paris Roller Girls (20) vs Hot Wheel Roller Derby (17). A 5 point win is predicted for Hot Wheel in what appears to be the second time these two teams have met on track. Last time Hot Wheel walked away with a 12 point win so it really is anybody’s game.


Busiest Weekend: Birthday Bashing Tournament sees Roller Girls of the Apocalypse, Oslo Roller Derby, Roller Derby Metz Club, Bear City Roller Derby Inglorious B’Stards, Karlsruhe RocKArollers and Cologne Roller Derby compete in 6 games.


Other games this weekend include:

  • Glasgow Roller Derby vs Tiger Bay Brawlers
  • Brussels Derby Pixies vs Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers
  • Kent Roller Girls vs Dolly Rockit Rollers
  • Manchester Roller Derby Furies vs North Wales Roller Derby
  • Vienna Roller Girls B vs Prague City Roller Derby
  • Heartlands Series: Severn Roller Torrent vs Dorset Roller Girls
  • Barcelona Roller Derby vs Crime City Rollers B
  • Amiens Rolling Candies vs Paris Roller Girls Sans Culottes
  • Central City Rollergirls vs Croydon Roller Derby
  • Central City Rollergirls Slay Belles vs Croydon Roller Derby Vice Squad
  • Granite City Roller Derby vs Dundee Roller Girls
  • Seaside Sirens vs Newcastle Roller Girls
  • Shoetown Slayers vs Hull’s Angels Roller Derby
  • Go Go Gent Rollergirls Cuberdonnas vs Porto Roller Derby
  • Go Go Gent Rollergirls vs Ruhrpott Roller Girls
  • Belfast Roller Derby vs Limerick Roller Derby
  • Evolution Rollergirls vs Rainy City Roller Girls Bet Lynch Mob
  • Voodoo Roller Dollies vs Furness Firecrackers Flaming Nora
  • European Union vs Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls


Is your game missing from the Games This Weekend? Make sure you submit your upcoming games to Rollin News here!


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What rankings system are you pulling from for the UK leagues?


Derby Data Europe

Derby Data Europe uses European Roller Derby Rankings ( You can see the full list at