Derby Data Europe - Weekend Preview - 16th August 2014

This weekend sees three women’s roller derby games happening in Europe, and one tournament.

Highest ranked game: Rainy City Roller Girls B (73) vs Swansea City Roller Derby (43) This is the first time these teams have played each other, hosted by Rainy City.

Closest ranked game: Norfolk Brawds (162) vs Bourne Bombshells (160) A two-point win is predicted for Bourne as part of the Heartlands Series.

Game that may have the biggest impact on the rankings: Hertfordshire Roller Derby Hell's Bells (111) vs Bedfordshire Roller Girls (207) Nearly a hundred ranking positions between these teams means their may be a big move in the rankings.


Busiest Weekend: East Coast Cyclones host an all Irish B team Tournament Queen B Battle for the Garden With teams Dublin Roller Derby B, Boom Town Rollers, Waterford City Viqueens, Belfast City Rockets and of course East Coast Cyclones. We are still awaiting a schedule for this tournament to post the predicted scores.

Is your game missing from the Games This Weekend? Make sure you submit your upcoming games to Rollin News here!

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