Choosing a Junior Roller Derby League that Best Fits Your Family

Are you new to Junior Roller Derby or new to the area where Junior Roller Derby leagues are flourishing and having a hard time choosing one?

Get information on all the leagues in your area. Check the websites or email the league directors and ask for information. The kinds of things you want to know are:

 -       What age groups do you offer?

-       How do you select your members?

-       How many teams do you have at each skill level?

-       Who are the coaches at your child’s skill level?

-       What is their background in coaching?

-       What is the league philosophy? (Does everyone play? Is it “play to win?)

-       What are your membership fees? Is there a payment schedule?

-       What is covered/not covered in that fee?

-       Are there any other financial obligations? Travel? Fundraising? Uniforms?

-       Where, when and how often do you practice?

-       Are practices mandatory? What if my child misses a practice? Misses a tournament?

-       How long is your season?

-       How far will the team be traveling?

-   Are their background checks available for parents to review?

Once you have this information for all the leagues, sit down as a family and see which leagues fit into your goals, commitment level, financial situation, etc.  Ask yourselves some questions:

-       What does my child want to get out of the league experience?

-       Does my child want to play after high school? At what level in college?

-       Does my child just want to enjoy the game and play with friends?

-       What is my child’s priority for allocating free time: job, activities with friends, other league sports, etc.?

-       Can my child keep up with school work?

-       Can we afford the program we choose?

-       How important is it that we, as parents, travel with our child? Can we save money if our child travels with the team?

Don’t be afraid to shoot too high! Don’t assume big leagues are better than small leagues.  Don't assume a "volunteer" coach is better than a "paid" coach.  Most important of all – don’t listen to rumors!!! Ask the league personnel questions – that’s what they’re there for.

This is a big decision from both a financial and time commitment standpoint and it’s your right to find out as much as you possibly can heading into this decision.

Good luck and please contact us with any questions!

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