BRD's Skate-A-Thon was a Success!

Last Saturday Beijing Roller Derby presented a Skate-A-Thon, a grueling 2 hours of skating laps to raise donations to buy loan kit for our newbies! 

It was a fantastic success. 

Everybody skated in the heat of the day, but we were blessed with a clear blue sky and barely any pollution in sight. 

We also gave a few demo scrims at the end to introduce the sport. 

Friends and family came out to support and helped to cheer on our skaters, seeing them all drinking beer on the sidelines was a great reminder of the rewards to come after we finished.

After skating, we headed over to a local park for some well earned beer and soft drinks, and pizza provided by Gung Ho who kindly sponsored our team by feeding us with lots of delicious free pizza. 

Thanks Gung Ho! 

After our after-party we headed over to the beer fest where we met up with 京A (JingA) who provided us with free beer, stickers and temporary tattoos, thanks guys! 

Because we don't do things by halves here in Beijing, we then put our skates back on and skated enthusiastically into the busy crowds to spread the word that derby has arrived, until the local police stopped us however.... no matter, speaking the local language always puts you in the good books and before long we were back to our enthusiastic cheering and skating through the crowds. 

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Originally skated for the Concrete Cows MKRD in Milton Keynes, UK. Joint founder of Beijing Roller Derby League, and coach for the Rickshaw Rollers! 

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