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Bob Noxious became an announcer with the Mad Rolin' Dolls in late 2004. There, he was an active committee member, coach, and national advocate for improving announcing. He changed home leagues, announcing for the Brewcity Bruisers since 2011. Now, also a "Doer" at Brown Paper Tickets, he is available as a resource to all leagues in any country. His "previous life" included a BA in Management and 17 years in Corporate America, where he did everything from managing department stores, to training design for national retailers.

Bios schmios
Honestly, I hate bios, but my recent focus on derby's development of business protocols is a bold project unless you can back it up with experience. How many within your derby family have wildly interesting jobs? Genetic scientists, artists, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, graphic the other spectrum, such as stay-at-home moms? Trust me, the latter may be the hardest! Yet how many business hardened people do you meet? Sure, an occasional accountant, someone with a marketing background, or a skater/staff member in Human Resources. How often do leagues have true right-brainers? Not that often. I'm a hybrid. Traditionally educated as a right brainer who found his creative calling later on. NO, I don't have borderline personality disorder! If you've heard me announce, you know something isn't totally right, but it sure is fun! 

I understand traditional business acumen, but know how to bend the rules of business enough to better serve the sport. Plus, I am, and have been, an avid sports fan since I was old enough to break stuff - lamps, windows, arms, and fingers. I suck at most of them, but remain a fan of everything from baseball to the recent World Cup. Don't get me started on the NFL! Never underestimate the sports fan in anyone. Learn from them. Being a fan of more than roller derby provides a very necessary perspective derby often lacks. 

The need for business materials
Every year I start with a new mission or project I want to focus on. 2013 began to show me the crumblings of business foundations that were haphazard throughout every facet of the sport. This year, into 2015, I vowed to do what seemed like the impossible; create an actual business text for roller derby. Rule sets nor affiliations matter. My role isn't to judge or compare, it's to provide you with the information to set your foundation and explain options you may not have considered for your league. Plus, you'd be amazed how a strong business foundation, proper money management, and personnel policies remove much of the emotion running a league. I cannot stress this enough. A world without drama, or very little drama, can be attained if you have the policies in place to prevent undesired actions from even happening. 

Business? Wow, that's dry stuff!
Come on, it's Bob! if you know me, nothing is fun unless it's, well, fun! Materials are written in the first person, have some fun examples of what I've seen, and use words like "fart." How bad can that be to get through? 

What's available and what can the sport expect?
Monday, Sept. 22nd, kicked off my bi-weekly "Business Tips" program. That's every fortnight for you in England. The inaugural topic was recruiting tips and reminders. The next two or three will focus on increasing and retaining fans. Each topic will launch on my FaceBook wall (Bob Noxious) and Twitter feed (@madrollinbob) with an intro that links to a full-blown blog on the Brown Paper Tickets site. Plus, if you follow my accounts at all, you get the occasional business-related rant about something I saw while on the road. 

The progression? Tips are portions of what will become full chapters, made available as stand alone manuals as they are finished. You will have free access to all information; you do not need to be a Brown Paper Tickets customer. When I feel each manual has been written, they will become chapters of a fully published book. 

Has it been well-received?
I'm writing this article just over 48 hours after the first Business Tips was released. The over 400 shares and re-Tweets is only more strongly substantiated by over 4000 hits to the full blog. Apparently, the need I saw was dead on. Thanks to all for the support. Please use the blog to throw ideas around. As a community, we have many creative solutions.

Here is the link to the September 22nd Recruiting Tips blog; 

October 6th will feature "Ticket Blitzing," a social media ticket sales method that can produce very big results. 

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