Aroostook Roller Derby - Embracing Change: Erratic Driving & Other Habits

To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly.
- William James

Embracing Change: Erratic Driving & Other Changes

Sh%* happens. Plans fail. Life changes. These might be the certainties in life. Roller derby changes you…unexpectedly, profoundly, irrevocably, and, I’d like to believe, for the better. This post is about celebrating those unexpected changes you find happening in your life that could only come from derby. There may be another sport where you assume a new identity and manner of behavior and dressing, but I can’t think of one. So, in the spirit of embracing flamboyant change, I’ve asked my derby sisters to join me in some fun by finishing this thought: Your derby alter-ego might be taking over when…grab a cup of Joe, sit back and laugh with us as you recognize yourself in these statements.

Your derby alter-ego might be taking over when you

…have only 15 unaccounted for minutes before work and you have to decide between cleaning your bearings and

   brushing your teeth; you clean your bearings because you can always brush your teeth at work.

…try to call insubordination on someone who gets snarky with you.

…notice your "this-one-time" stories are followed by “at derby practice.”

…block the car coming behind you on the highway.

…take the corners a little hard driving home from practice.

…almost wish you had a child so you could introduce them as ‘Lil’ Zombie (insert your derby name here) to your derby   


…squat or balance on one leg while doing chores.

…hip check your kids across the living room.

…skip your son’s little league meeting because you have an “important meeting for work.”

…practice the duck start while shopping for groceries, and get some stretching in as well.

…instinctively attempt a knee slide when drunk and falling.

…spend the dough on gear and skates and then practice in a basement with phantom coaches yelling “stay low!”

…wake from dreaming about derby and your legs are trying to do crossovers.

…move bar stools to the porch and the kitchen table against the wall so you can practice transitions in your kitchen.

…start analyzing floor surfaces.

…only answer to your derby name, or introduce yourself by your derby name, and only know others by their derby


…introduce yourself and you’re not sure if you should use your real name or derby name.

…notice that even Easter Lilies smell better than your gear.

…keep a maintenance log for your wheels, like your truck, you so clean and the rotate the wheels regularly.

…wear a skirt to work just so you can look at your new tights all day.

We at Aroostook Roller Derby invite you to celebrate the changes in your life by keeping our list going! Ask your derby sisters how they know if derby is starting to creep into their “normal, grown up” lives – it might be the most enjoyable conversation you’ve had together in months! 

Derby love,

Dawn of the Dead - Aroostock Roller Derby

Special thanks to Twisted Vixen, Zom B. Bite, Zoe ǝ'taK, Cat Astrophe, Princess Principle, Wreckless Riot, Rogue Rage, Shiva, Barracuda Barbie, Thunder Bunny, Phil n’ Frisky, Esoka Tan, Roy Elle Pain, Calamity Dane.

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