ARDL vs DED - 26 April.

I'm conflicted by this write up. I really don't want to be mean. And I consider a few of the players friends. But... well... I'm going to have to settle for honest.

Dead End Derby, up from Christchurch, were awesome. If I must criticize, it's that they didn't maximize on the situation. Forcing a faster pack for example would have worked to their advantage. They'd apparently never beaten ARDL.

Auckland Roller Derby League came out with a team of 9. Yep... 9. 1 was ejected due to penalties. So for a good portion of the game they were playing with a team of 8 (2 of which were playing their first bout).

The score line really didn't reflect the reality of the game...

For example, ARDL have a jammer who doesn't do aggression at all. She's a very technical skater but she almost looks like she's apologizing for trying to get through. If the team knows this, then they need to change the way they play based on this. Instead of a passive attack, their blockers need to take the risk that the pack will move up and engage with the opposition's blockers in order to create gaps. Quick in, screen, out again kind of play. Get the jammer through quickly instead of making it about pushing.

Instead ARDL were a very predictable side. There were very few stand up in enthusiasm kind of moments in the entire bout.

With all this in mind, the score spread was surprisingly small. A final score of 188 - 143 to Dead End Derby.

Evil K Neevil of Dead End Derby showed a wealth of experience, injecting some of what the bout so desperately needed - some unpredictability. Arse'n'all gained somewhat of a legend status as she managed to hip check Evil K Neevil while Evil K Neevil was jumping the apex.

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