Florence The Machine - A Review of (bald) Rollerbone Turbos

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I sound like I skimp on the spending – I guess I do. For a wheel priced £124.00 from most of my local skate shops I really wasn’t about to embark on spending a considerable amount of monthly spends (I need to look fabulous too) on trying this wheel out and then not liking it (don’t worry that isn’t a spoiler). Queue stealing Giggity’s wheels…

I guess I must address that these wheels are considerably well skated upon – but I feel this shouldn’t defer from my review. Unless of course you are the complete opposite to me and constantly re-groove your favourite wheels on a regular schedule and never ever let them become worn. In which case this review probably isn’t for you…

I’ve been skating on the Rollerbones Turbo 88a wheels for about 3 weeks. I consider myself an average skater and they are currently attached to my long-term partner plate RollLine Mistrals and Riedell 495’s, for my boot.

Considering how much everybody has raved on about what a life changing wheel the Turbo is, I was genuinely expecting to put the wheel on and join the fan club. That’s not quite what has happened – not that it isn’t a good wheel. In fact in terms of slip or grip I don’t find it that different to my typical wheel, the old style Atom G-Rod. What I do find is that my edge work has been affected by the Turbo and in terms of grip, where I would expect my old trusty wheel to gain friction the Rollerbones do not. It has made skating kind of fun, especially when (trying) to apex jump, or doing my token move of an inside transition. As a jammer I would guess they are the only differences. I feel no loss of stability or role. Nor have I noticed a remarkable difference the other way.

It’s when I block that I’ve noticed the biggest difference. As I’ve said my edge work feels different and blocking one on one I appear more eager to lateral across the track rather than plow to slow. This could be a multitude of reasons but it was something that I noticed in the Lincolnshire Bombers advanced session this weekend, as I looked like I was doing some kind of line to line ping pong rather than a cool, photograph worthy plow. Needless to say, when I do lateral they feel dreamy. The change of wheel has lessened my ability, or rather increased the effort I have to put into plow.

So would I buy a set? Much like my opinion on the RollLine Mistral plate, I believe these wheels to be wheels that are a grower. When discussing whether somebody should buy the plate I skate on I often say you will not put them on your skates and instantly be like ‘Wow! These are amazing,’ it takes months – weeks if you’re lucky. After skating on them for 3 weeks, I think Turbos are the same – they are a grower and if I’d written this review 2 weeks ago my answer would have been no – I don’t think they are worth the money. But the Turbos remain on my skates, I do not what Giggity to ask for them back and so I guess, simply, my answer is yes, I would buy a set.

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