World Cup: Sweden Sweeps Past Brazil, 163-30


TORONTO, ON — Another Europe vs South America clash followed Ireland’s dismantling of Argentina, and on paper it looked like another European victory was on the cards. Sweden were led by the very experienced Swede Hurt, formerly of Jet City, Rat City and Gotham Girls roller derby, with support from a host of experienced local players and London Rollergirls’ Knickerblocker Glory. Brazil were being led by Gotham’s Brazilian Nut who brought some experience to their otherwise entirely non-WFTDA line-up.

The game started at a quick pace, with both teams racing from the jump. Sweden’s Ankefar eventually picked up lead, but could only score 4 before being forced into a call. Another lengthy fight marked the start of jam two, before Brazil got their first lead jam call of the bout–but lost the jam 3-2 thanks to a late call off and tight Swedish packwork. The next few jams saw Sweden control the pack speeds and edge into the lead, with Swede Hurt proving herself to be a one-woman wall, single-handedly dominating the Brazilian jammers whenever she was on the track and guiding her team to a 26-2 lead with ten minutes gone.

Sweden then doubled their score in the next five minutes thanks to a run of dominant jams, and kept up the good work controlling both pack speeds and the Brazilian jammers to rack up even more points in the final five minutes of the half, leaving the score at 87-2 at the half.

Sweden looked to be picking up there they left off in the second half, with their pack repeatedly knocking down and re-cycling the Brazilian jammer. But then the Swedish jammer was boxed as Bianca broke the pack for Brazil. Bianca then picked up 8 points–which could have been many more had it not been for Swede Hurt’s ever-solid defence towards the end of the jam. Hyper Nova restored normal service in the very next jam, however, racking up ten points before calling it as the Brazillian jammer skated to the penalty box. 19 points in the next two jams further cemented Sweden’s lead as Brazil kept the box full.

A lengthy official time out around the ten-minute mark seemed to reinvigorate Brazil though, as they dropped a 17-0 jam to make it 135-27, but they lost their jammer to the box at the end on a fourth minor as the jam came to a close. That gave Fenix Fortsomfan a powerjam for Sweden — and her pack used their impressive size and strength to bring the lone Brazilian blocker on the track to a standstill to let her score 20 points before Brazil’s jammer escaped.

Ankafar then snatched lead for Sweden, but was forced into a one-point call going into the final jams with her team leading 156-27. Brazil then got a rare lead jam call in the penultimate jam of the game to the crowd’s delight, adding another 3 to their team’s total. Jazz Ass and Ankafar then took lead for Sweden in the final two jams to close the game out at 163-30.

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