World Cup Rules – Substitutions Out, Unique Jammer Covers In


Blood and Thunder has confirmed that controversial changes to the widely used WFTDA ruleset will not be enforced for the Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas this December.

Communication with teams confirms the removal of the “substitution” rule, which would have allowed all 20 people on a country’s roster to play and be substituted in during a game. The TKO rule (aka the “Mercy Rule”), which would have prematurely stopped games where a team held an insurmountable lead, was removed in a previous update.

One deviation from WFTDA rules has been announced – teams may choose “a symbol of cultural significance” instead of a star on jammer helmet covers. Blood and Thunder says the symbol must contrast in color and overall visual look – for example, if a team has a square on their jammer cover, no skaters on that team may have a square on their helmets. The symbol must be either at least 4 inches high and 4 inches wide, or at least 5 inches high and 3 inches wide.

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