World Cup: Ireland Rolls Past Argentina, 164-51


TORONTO, ON — The third game of the day was a transcontinental clash between Ireland and Argentina. While neither country has any WFTDA leagues, both teams had experienced skaters from top-tier WFTDA teams–Wile E. Peyote of Rat City was joined by Rocky Mountain’s Catholic Cruel Girl and Gotham’s Pippi Strongstocking, lining up with the Ireland based players and a number of other based in the mainland UK. Argentina had Arson Tina (Gotham) and Sargentina (Windy City) Championships-level experience to their ranks, with the LA Derby Dolls’ Chargin’ Tina rounding out the trifecta. Still, though, Ireland took a solid win at 164-51.

Ireland drew first blood, taking the first lead jam call, but called it before scoring as the Argentina jammer was being boxed. Unfortunately Ireland failed to take advantage, handing Argentina a powerjam of their own which they managed to put 7 on the board. Ireland hit back straight away, pegging the score back to 5-7 in the next jam as the Argentina jammer again headed to the penalty box. A little over 30 seconds into the next jam, Zola Blood put ten on the board, then put another ten on before being sent off on a major track cut as Crazy Legs stood in the box. She couldn’t break through the Irish back wall though, and with 6 minutes gone the score was 25-7 in Ireland’s favour.

Ireland then burned the final seconds off Zola’s penalty time with a beautifully bridged slow start, but it wasn’t quite enough to stop Sargentina getting lead. Still, the jam ended 4-4 after both jammers broke free. Ireland then started to put the hammer down as they pulled their teamwork together, repeatedly slowing the pack and leaving Argentina’s defense out of play at the front.

Argentina didn’t manage to get lead until the end of the half when some great packwork from Sargentina let Crazy Legs get lead and four points in the penultimate jam, before Zola Blood was sent to the box in the next jam. Argentina then finally showed what they were capable with all their skaters on the track, with Miss Vik grabbing 19 points to take the score to 82-37 Ireland at the half.

Chargin’ Tina then kept hold of that momentum as Argentina used their numerical advantage to get a quick lead jam, picking up 5 as the Irish jammer came out of the box. The Irish jammer was then boxed almost immeadiately, but Chargin’ Tina was then boxed herself before managing to score. A messy back-and-forth jam left the scores at 91-46 Ireland.

Ireland stopped the rot courtesy of some vicious hits from Sinister Mary Clarence in their pack, letting Zola grab lead at speed, then punching holes for her on each subsequent pass. Ireland exploited some confusion around the jam start to rack up another 10 in the very next jam as they started to exert the sort of control they’d had for much of the first half. Chargin’ Tina pulled off a lovely apex jump to grab lead after that, but Ireland’s control stopped her from scoring. A big jam from Ireland’s Gemerald then saw Ireland stretch their lead further to 118-46 with ten minutes on the clock.

Penalties from Argentina and good Ireland offense then kept the momentum firmly in Ireland’s favour, as they restricted Argentina to scraps for the rest of the game, adding 46 points of their own in the final ten minutes to Argentina’s five. The game finished at 164-51.

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