World Cup: France Whomps Brazil, 212-28


TORONTO, ON — France’s offense had been nearly completely shut down by Canada in the tournament’s opening game, and they seemed to relish the chance to turn the tables in their next game against inexperienced Brazil. They got some help from some loose Brazil packs, and France was up by nearly 100 points at halftime on their way to a big win, 212-28.

Brazil got into penalty trouble almost immediately with two blockers in the box by the end of the first jam — after an opening 4-0 to France, their ace jammer Francey Pants rolled to a barely opposed 21-0 and France was up 25-0 after less than three minutes. There was a long play stoppage for an injury to blocker Mari and then an official timeout; after the six minute stoppage, the players seemed so eager to get back to action that they mistook the timeout-ending whistle for the jam whistle, causing a chaotic situation as the refs had to reset the jam. Brazil got their first points on that reset, but France’s advantage continued to grow. After five jams, France was up 37-4 and Brazil called their first of two timeouts with 13:25 left in the first half.

The timeout didn’t stop the bleeding for Brazil, though, as they were only able to muster one more point in the next handful of jams and their blockers seemed to have some trouble staying in play when France would change the pack speed up on them. France jammer Cash Pistache was particularly effective against her turns with the star, and a 3-0 for her with about 5 minutes left in the first half pushed France to the verge of triple digits at 99-5. Two jams later, Pistache was back on a somewhat extended powerjam, as their jammer Bianca headed to the box but missed it and had to go back around. Though Pistache ended it in the box, it was a big 19-0 that made it 125-8, and that would be the halftime score.

Brazil had a little more luck in the second half, managing to more than double their score in the first ten minutes of the half while keeping France from running away with it. However, the total score was still very lopsided at the 11:21 mark, with France up 152-19 at another lengthy play stoppage to an apparently re-injured Mari, who wouldn’t return to the game this time. After that stoppage, though, it was once again almost all France, who broke 200 points on the game’s second to last jam and won 212-28.

The win moves France to 1-1 in Group A and Brazil to 0-2. Brazil seems likely headed for the bottom seed in the elimination tournament as their remaining game is against powerful Canada, while France has a chance to finish second in Group A if they can beat the also 1-1 Sweden when they face off at 2pm.

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