World Cup: England Slams Argentina, 273-31


TORONTO, ON — Team England had come out of the gate a little slow against Ireland in Friday’s opening game, but they had no such troubles against Argentina. A huge opening blast gave them a 77 point lead before Argentina even got on the board, and England won big, 273-31.

It was 29-0 after just 3 minutes, and England’s Jack Attack had a big 23-0 powerjam to make it 52- with 5 minutes gone in the game. It was 77-0 England before Argentina finally got some points when London jammer Stefanie Mainey was boxed and Argentina’s Chargin’ Tina bulled her way through for 8-0.

Argentina called their first of two timeouts there with 10:50 on the clock, but it didn’t keep their momentum going. England’s lead hit triple digits right before the half ended, and they closed it out on a huge 25-0 to Violent Attack as Argentina’s jammer Sun of the Beach was getting hammered by Raw Heidi and Kamikaze Kitten. At the break England was cruising 153-17.

England only ramped it up in the second half, getting some help from Argentina putting their jammer in the box more than a few times; just as had happened in the first half, exactly 77 points went up on the board for England before Argentina got points. England only allowed Argentina to score on four second-half jams. England, looking to run up the score to pad the point margin for the elimination-round seeding, called timeout with the score 273-28 and about thirty seconds left on the clock, but it didn’t work out as Chargin’ Tina won the last two jams for Argentina, leaving the final score 273-31.

The bout results mean that Argentina will be seeded 12th in the elimination tournament, up against an as-yet-undetermined 5 seed. That game will take place at 6pm Friday.

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