World Cup Consolation: (8) Germany Stifles (13) Scotland, 104-41


TORONTO, ON — With hopes of finding the form that had seen them get them past Finland in their opening game, Germany faced off against a resurgent Scottish team who had been invigorated by a technical upset against Argentina in their previous consolation round game. As it happened, they managed to shrug off any hangover from their 143-127 loss against New Zealand earlier in the day to run out comfortable 104-41 victors against a determined but penalty-heavy Scottish team.

Mercedes lined up to take the first jam for Germany, and managed to get lead over Mistress Malicious despite some great defensive work from Scotland’s Viper–and she grabbed 4 before being forced into a very quick call.

Marshall Lawless then got Scotland’s fist lead jam call of the day in jam two as Fight Cub held the German jammer back, but she only managed to pick up three points before calling it. Phoenix got Scotland’s second lead jam call in a row and picked up three points to nudge Scotland into a 6-4 lead as the game hit the five-minute mark.

Two fast jams followed. Three points for Germany’s Public Enemy meant the lead changed again, and Resident Shevil took Germany into an 11-6 lead before Scotland’s Marshall Lawless took lead over Mercedes, but gave up a 2-1 jam to leave the scores at 13-7 with 8 minutes gone. A 15 point powerjam for Vegas gave the Germans a little breathing room as the Scots hit penalty trouble. That penalty trouble was almost mitigated by some tight defense from Danger Mouth and Crazylegs as Clinically Wasted sat in the box, but when they found themselves on the way to the box as well, there was nothing to stop the Germans racing into a commanding 58-7 lead.

Speedy jams for Mercedes, Vegas and Sweet Gwenrolline extended the German lead to 68-7 over the next few jams as the Scots jammers struggled with the tight German front walls. Resident Shevil picked up the final points of the half for Germany leaving the score at 73-7.

Marshall Lawless got out of the pack first in the second half as Mercedes was trapped by Viper, Fight Cub and Crazylegs in the Scotland pack, and she picked up five points to give her team a much-needed fillip. Alma Geddon then stopped Sweet Gwenrolline from scoring in the next jam after she got called lead. Phoenix grabbed lead for Scotland in the next jam as Crazylegs dominated Vegas in the pack and put two more points on the board taking the score to 73-14 with almost five minutes gone.

But just as it looked like Scotland might be about to mount a comeback, a 4-0 for Mercedes over Clinically Wasted re-asserted German control. Sweet Gwenrolline then put up a 7-0 for Germany as her blockers filled the box. Wild Oates — now practically a Scottish folk hero after scoring her team’s point vs the USA — grabbed lead for Scotland, but lost the jam 3-2 to leave the score at 88-16 with a little over ten minutes left.

Four points for Marla Mayhem were then cancelled out by Vegas–but Vegas was held up for most of the jam by Viper and Mini Riot to limit the damage. The teams exchanged tight jams to leave the score at 100-24 with a little over five minutes to go despite a run of lead jam calls for Scotland.Four point jams for Vegas and Marla Mayhem left the score at 104-30 as the clock hit 1:30.

A very slow start from both teams burned over a minute off the jam clock before the jammers were released, but Marshall Lawless made up for lost time by scoring 9 points before calling it with 12 seconds left on the period clock to allow her bench to call a timeout and force one last jam with the score sitting at 104-39.  A knee start from the Scots pack let Phoenix grab lead, but she called the jam when faced with a German four-wall as Sweet Gwenrolline hit the back of the pack. Phoenix’s 2-0 ended the bout at 104-41 for Germany.

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