World Cup Consolation: (7) Ireland Batters (11) Brazil, 213-57


TORONTO, ON — The second 40-minute consolation game of the day saw Ireland take on a plucky Brazilian team that was hoping to build on the massive improvement they showed in their second game against France yesterday. While Brazil didn’t suffer the same level of penalty trouble or injuries that had plagued them earlier in the tournament, some solid and brutal Irish defence meant Ireland came out 213-57 winners.

Phantom Gemerald lined up with Bianca for the very first jam — and Gemerald got the better of a very slow start to fight her way to lead and grab Ireland’s first four points before calling it.

A knee start for Ireland backfired as Nanda grabbed lead — but Jessica Rammit managed to steal four before Nanda had time to call, leaving the game at 8-0. Another very slow start ended up working in Brazil’s favour, though, and Bianca put Brazil’s first four points on the board. Nanda was boxed early in the next jam, and was then joined by three of her teammates, letting Gemerald score 25 easy points before Nanda escaped.

It was all mostly one-way traffic until a Brazillian powerjam let Nanda took the score to 54-16, but Jessica Rammit took advantage of a powerjam of her own. Wile E Peyote marshaled the Irish wall and kept the Brazillian pack at a standstill as the score shot to 84-16. But Bianca came out in the next jam and shook off a big hit from B.A. Block’us to nearly double Brazil’s total, taking them to 84-30 with under five minutes left in the half.

Brazil picked up lead in the next jam and as Gemerald took some punishment from a tight Brazilian pack Nanda put another five on the board further narrowed the gap before a Jessica Rammit took advantage of some great offense work from the hard-hitting Sinister Many Clarence to put up a 13-0 jam. This was followed by a 19-2 for Pippi Strongstocking to close out the half with Ireland holding a commanding 116-37 lead.

Brazil tried a fresh face on the jam line for the start of the second half as Lara donned the star for the first time, but saw 15 points scored by Jessica Rammit before she could escape, and another four point slipped before she could reach the back of the pack. A 4-0 for Nanda was followed by a swift lead jam call for Bianca, who split a 2-1 jam with fresh Irish jammer Chemikill Hazard to take the score to 136-43 with 15 minutes left in the half.

Gemerald then put up a 15-0 powerjam with Bianca in the box, and points for both sides in a few scrappy jams saw Ireland take a 100-point lead at 158-57 with ten minutes to go. Gemerald put up another big jam several jams later, scoring 25 points as Sinister Mary Clarence again worked some brutal defence on Bianca, repeatedly hitting her out and to the ground to leave the score at 185-57 as the game entered its final five minutes. Another 20 for Gemerald were followed by 9 for Belle for Leather to leave Ireland comfortable 213-57 victors.

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