World Cup Consolation: (13) Scotland Outlasts (12) Argentina, 114-91


TORONTO, ON — 12 seed Argentina and 13 seed Scotland came into this Saturday morning consolation game both looking for their first win of the weekend; in full-length games on Friday, Argentina had lost 191-65 to Sweden and Scotland had lost 251-48 to Australia. This game was much closer and featured an impressive late-game rally from Argentina that nearly erased a 44-point Scotland lead, but in the end Scotland held on for a 114-91 win. Consolation games, like the round-robin games, were truncated 40-minute contests.

Scotland took the first lead jammer status but the jam ended up going full-length as Blazin’ Phoenix was boxed; Argentina’s Chargin’ Tina, continuing to be a force for her nation, gave Argentina a 7-4 lead. Scotland’s Clinically Wasted battled to a 9-0 win next as both jammers had to deal with heavy-hitting defense, but she also ended the jam in the box with the score 13-7 Scotland.

Argentina put out Chargin’ Tina on the power jam; solid defense from Scotland’s Wild Oates, Velosidy and Viper held her up for a little while, but she eventually fought her way through for a 13-2 jam win that changed the lead yet again, this time to 20-15 Argentina.

That lead would shrink to a point on the following jam at 20-19, and Scotland went ahead again on the next as both jammers were boxed but Scotland’s Blazin’ Phoenix got a couple of sneaky passes in upon returning. With nine minutes to play it was still a very tight one at 33-29 Scotland. Three jams later, it was tied up at 37-37 with 5 minutes in the half.

Argentina put up Sargentina against Marshall Lawless to try and break the tie. Sarge picked up lead but cut track before she could call it off; fortunately for Argentina, Marshall followed her in on her first scoring pass, but unfortunately for Argentina, Sarge cut track again upon being released after a timely hit from One Armed Bandit and went back to the box. There was a 5 minute official timeout there to resolve an apparently complicated penalty situation, but after it was all done, the jam ended up not affecting the margin at all, as the score was 41-41.

However, the aftermath proved to be the turning point of the game. Sargentina was still in the box, giving Scotland’s Clinically Wasted a power jam opportunity while Argentina had an inexperienced pair of blockers on the floor; Argentina repeatedly gave Clinically Wasted an undefended inside corner, which she cheerfully took multiple times for a 23-0 jam that made it 64-41. Scotland took the final jam of the half 10-0, and what had been a dead-even game was favoring Scotland solidly at the break, 74-41.

That margin stayed about the same at 82-54 favoring Scotland through the first five minutes of the second half, but Wild Oates got a key power jam there, once again up against just two Argentine blockers who had problems sticking together. Scotland rolled up a 20-0 jam to nearly double Argentina’s score at 102-58 with 11:59 on the clock.

At that point it seemed like Scotland had it in the bag, but Argentina wouldn’t go away just yet. Keyed by a tireless performance by their main threat Chargin’ Tina, who took the star on five of the next seven jams, Argentina went on a 33-0 run to pull within a jam’s worth of points at 102-91 with 3 minutes to go. The performance from Chargin’ Tina was made more impressive by the fact that she was sitting on three minors for most of it. Sensing that they were on the verge of putting together an epic comeback, Argentina called timeout to talk it over with 3:08 to play.

But the timeout ended up marking the end of the Argentine rally, as it was Scotland scoring the rest of the points in the game. Marshall Lawless finally broke the scoring drought for Scotland on the other side of that timeout with a 4-0 that made it 106-91 with just under 2 minutes to play; when Scotland’s Blazin’ Phoenix picked up lead on the next jam, she was able to run out the remaining time after picking up 8 insurance points. Scotland took their first win of the tournament, 114-91.

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