World Cup: Canada Smothers France, 244-17


TORONTO, ON — In the 40-minute opener of the Blood and Thunder Roller Derby World Cup round-robin segment, Canada totally locked down on a game but severely overmatched France. A tight 3 jammer rotation of Iron Wench, Georgia W Tush and Luludemon picked up over a hundred points before France ever got on the board, and Canada cruised to a dominant victory of 244-17.

Canada put out Iron Wench as their first jammer against France’s Francey Pants; after a slow start from the pack, Wench took lead and a 10-0 to give Canada a quick early lead. Georgia W Tush had plenty of time to pick up a full-length 20-0 next as France jammer Kozmic Bruise was stuck behind tough defense led by Windigo for the full 2 minutes, and Canada continued to pour it on early as Luludemon piled on with 16-0. After Iron Wench took a 4-0 next, Canada was up 50-0 after just 4 jams.

France attempted to change things up by crowding the jammer line on jam 5, but it didn’t work out and Canada took another 4-0 to Tush. Tough Canada defense, keyed by more good work from Windigo, Lil’ Mama and Taz, repeatedly kept the France jammers bottled up over the next few frames. It wasn’t until the score was 103-0 with 5 minutes left in the first half that France got their first points as Francey Pants was able to skip through a jammer-line scrum start for lead and a crowd-pleasing 3-0 that made it 103-3. France forced some 0-0 calls in the half’s remaining jams and kept Canada from busting any more big jams, but couldn’t score again; at the break, Canada led 116-3.

France doubled their score total from the first half at the start of the second, when they picked up three points in the very first jam. They got lead in the next two, but could do nothing with it. After that it was all Canada for the next ten minutes. France’s penalty problems, combined with superior Canadian pack control, left them falling further behind, and Canada’s trapping and speed control meant they were racking up points pretty much at will. When the French team began to adapt to the style of play, Canada’s offensive blocking from the likes of Smack Daddy ensured the French packs stayed strung out and incapable of posing a threat to either Iron Wench or Georgia W Tush, who were managing to break apart what resistance they hit.

It was actually 13 minutes after their initial salvo until Francey Pants put some more points on the board from France, when she took advantage of a powerjam to put 10 on the board and more than double her team’s score. Those were to be France’s last points, however, with a big final two jams from Canada pushing the final score to 244-17 in the host country’s favor.

Additional reporting: Lord Copper

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