World Cup: Canada Smokes Sweden, 196-26


TORONTO, ON — Host Team Canada laid another enormous blowout win on their group opposition on the first game of Friday, dropping a margin of 176 points against overmatched Sweden in a 196-26 final.

Mad Malooney picked up the first lead jam call, and managed to give her team something of a lead. Strong defence from Jess Bandit and the rest of the Canadian pack kept things moving very quickly, though, limiting Malooney to just 5 points before their jammer escaped.

Canada started to exert control at that point, shutting out Sweden for a number of consecutive jams, but not managing to put too many points on the board themselves, edging into a 30-5 lead after ten minutes with Iron Wench and Georgia W Tush picking up points before being forced into calls as the Swedish jammers broke free. But things started to change at about that point, with more power jams and more penalties to Sweden started translating into hugely lopsided jams in Canada’s favor.

Canada’s lead broke into triple digits with about 13 minutes left to play on a giant 25-0 powerjam to Soul Rekker that made it 145-25; Sweden continued to have major penalty problems that left them with only two on the floor for nearly the whole jam. Effective blocking from Canada’s Eight Mean Wheeler forced
Sweden jammer Ankefar into a track cut on the next, and Canada kept it going to 155-25. By that point in the game there was no question who’d come out on top — Canada only allowed 1 more point for the rest of the game and took it by a final of 196-26.

Canada’s big win gives them a very good shot at the 2 seed in the upcoming elimination rounds, which will be determined by both win-loss record and point spread; they’ve already beaten Group B winner Australia in point spread, and they’ll get a chance to go undefeated with three routs when they play Brazil at 2:50pm in the final game of the round-robin segment of the tournament.

Additional reporting: Lord Copper

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