World Cup: Canada Crushes Brazil, 408-7


TORONTO, ON — Canada rolled to a easy win to close out the round-robin portion of the Roller Derby World Cup, as their much less experienced opponent Brazil had the unfortunate scheduling of facing increasingly difficult teams and ended up winless in group play. Brazil had almost no luck on either offense or defense and their blockers were consistently juked and drawn out of position by Canada’s wily jammers; Brazil only scored on one jam in each half and was crushed by a final score of 408-7.

This one ended up opening very much like the England / Argentina game that had finished just previously. In that game, England jumped out to a 77-0 lead before Argentina scored; in this one, Canada blasted out to a 73-0 advantage over the first 9 minutes before a game stoppage on injury to Brazil blocker Fernanda. However, they kept Brazil blanked for even longer. They got right back to it with a 9-0 to Georgia W. Tush and then broke triple digits with a stunning 35-0 jam to Luludemon. It was 123-0 there; Brazil finally got something to celebrate on the next jam when they managed to pick up 3 points in the course of losing a 10-3 jam, but that was the sole bright spot of the half as Canada continued to rain down the points. Georgia W. Tush was mostly untouched on the final jam of the half for a 30-0, and at the break Canada led 184-3.

Brazilian Nut got Brazil on the board again early in the second half with a 4-0 powerjam win, but by that time it was 205-7. Brazil’s defense seemed to fall further apart as the game went on, giving up some enormous jams by not reacting to the jammer approach. In the worst sequence, Brazil gave up 140 unanswered points in 4 jams: Killson put up a massive jam for Canada with a barely-touched 40-0 that pushed the Canada advantage to 280-7 with ten minutes to play, immediately followed by back to back 35-0 jams and a 30-0 to make it 380-7 with 3:19. When the clock finally expired on the rout, Canada had their biggest win of the tournament with a 408-7 domination.

The results of the game will make Brazil the 11th seed in the elimination rounds; they will face 6 seed France at 7:30pm. Canada is the 2nd seed and gets a bye; they play the winner of Ireland / Finland at 3:30pm Saturday.

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