World Cup: Australia Pounds Germany, 136-53


TORONTO, ON — Australia jumped out to a big first-half lead and then effectively worked the clock in the second to defeat Germany in the first World Cup game for both teams on Thursday night, 136-53.

Australia took 2-0 on each of the first two jams for a small early lead, and a quick lead to speedy Shortstop put Australia up 8-0 after three. Germany lost their jammer Public Enemy on a track cut during her opening pass on Jam 4, and Australia’s Ladykiller ran up 10-0 as backwards blocking from Australia’s Sculley gave the light Germany pack fits. Ladykiller called with Germany’s jammer still in the box, and Germany called their first of two timeouts to talk it over.

Penalty trouble continued to hamper Germany on the next jam as they couldn’t keep a full 4 blockers out on the track; Australia’s Cookie Cutter added a bit more to put Australia up 25-0 with 13:30 left in the shortened half. Germany got their first lead jammer status and first points two jams later from Mercedes, but Germany was still down 33-2 at that point.

The next jam ended in complete chaos as Germany’s jammer got lead and attempted to call the jam, but was instead sent to the box — Australia’s bench incorrectly thought the jam had been called, and responded by sending the next platoon onto the track, forcing the refs to call the jam on (far) too many players on the track. That led to a lengthy referee conference with the score 33-3 Australia and 9:46 left in the first half.

Germany started the next jam with only 2 blockers and no jammer against a full crew for Australia, and again the small and nimble Shortstop tore up the track on Germany, posting a massive 18-0 that left Germany in a big hole at 51-3 with just under 8 minutes in the half. Germany didn’t break into double digits until there were about three minutes left in the half at 59-11 . The last jam went full length as both Germany’s Mercedes and Australia’s Cookie Cutter got boxed in their opening passes, but Australia won it 13-4 and enjoyed a 76-15 lead at the halftime break.

The first few jams of the second half went off with Australia’s jammers willing to trade tie jams for burning time off the clock, leading to much lower scores and a much closer scoring margin but an increasing Australia advantage as they denied Germany the time they needed to make up the huge deficit. With ten minutes left in the game, Germany was outscoring Australia 17-13 in the second half, but Australia was still comfortably up 89-32; they continued to play jammer defense and draw out jams to ride their first-half cushion. Australia jammer Rose Ruin snuffed out Germany’s faint remaining hopes with a 9-0 that made the score 106-33 with 5:37 to play; a few jams later, Australia finished off the win, 136-53.

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