World Cup 9th Place: (8) Germany Denies (7) Ireland, 116-60


TORONTO, ON — 8 seed Germany faced off against 7 seed Ireland in a 40-minute consolation bout for 9th place. It was a very close one for most of the first half, but Germany busted a key sequence in the final few minutes of the half and then played a very intelligent prevent endgame to deny Ireland a chance to put together a comeback. Germany claimed 9th place in the tournament with a 116-60 win.

Germany started strong to go up 25-5 after the first five minutes, but Jessica Rammit got something going for the Irish on a big 13-0 power jam that made it a 7 point game at 25-18; Phantom Jemerald added 2-0 and Zola Blood got a very fast lead jammer and 3-0 to narrow it to just 25-23 with 10 minutes left in the shortened half. Both Germany’s Polly Purgatory and Ireland’s Jessica Rammit were ineligible for lead on the next, and they both got through a light pack for 12 points each on the full-length jam to keep the margin equal at 37-35 Germany. Germany called their first of two timeouts there with 7:44 left in the half.

Germany had the 3-2 pack advantage to start the next frame, and Germany’s Mercedes Bends recovered from a fall off the jammer line while Germany’s blockers Public Enemy and Heavy Rotation managed to bottle up Ireland’s jammer; Mercedes took an 4 and out to extend Germany’s lead to 41-35. Germany got a power jam opportunity next; Germany’s Titty Twista, Silicon Sally and Ellie Minate brought the pack to a dead stop and helped run up a massive 30-0. In two jams, the margin had moved from 2 points to 36 points at 71-35, and Ireland called their first timeout there with 4:51 in the first half.

Scoring remained low for the last few jams of the half as Germany engaged in jam-stalling tactics to kill some clock, and at the break Germany had narrowly extended their lead to 80-39.

Ireland slipped a little further behind at 86-39 two jams into the second and lost a critical opportunity for unopposed points when their jammer Jessica Rammit followed Germany’s Noxious Angel to the box; the jam went 5-4 Germany although Ireland blockers Pippi Strongsocking and Chemkill Hazard effectively bottled up Angel on the return. That made it 91-43 Germany with 15:41 on the clock.

Even when Ireland got a much needed lead jammer status to Rush’n Barron on a light 4-2 pack, they couldn’t convert to a jam win as Barron didn’t notice the signal from her bench to call it with 4-0 until opposing jammer Polly Purgatory had time to equalize the jam at 4-4.

That made it 98-47 with about 12 to play, but Phantom Jemerald finally got a good jam for the Irish with a 13-0 power jam on a full Germany penalty box to make it 98-60 with 9:29 left.

Ireland made a questionable decision to allow 50 seconds to drain off the clock next while waiting for a blocker to come out of the box; Germany, perfectly happy to kill time, kept the pack stuck behind the pivot line for another 20 seconds before jam action fully got underway. The jam ended on time before either jammer could score, playing to Germany’s advantage, and with 7:17 left it was still 98-60. The next two also went 0-0, and Ireland was in serious time trouble with only 5:05 left.

Germany’s Vegas got her team over the century mark with a 3-0 that made it 101-60 with 4 minutes to play, and Germany once again used lead jammer to kill a little time on two more 0-0 jams next. By that time, there was only 2:10 left on the clock and Ireland was all but out of time. When Ireland’s Jessica Rammit was boxed and Mercedes Bends took lead for Germany, she added 10-0 and smartly left Rammit iced in the box. Polly Purgatory got lead and called it when time expired with a 5-0 to give Germany the win at 116-60.

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