World Cup 11th Place: (13) Scotland Foils (11) Brazil, 113-64


TORONTO, ON — With Brazil still winless, Scotland’s win over Argentina to consign the South American side to 13th place meant they came into the game as slight favourites despite being the lower-ranked team after the initial round. In what was a scrappy affair, Scotland ended up 113-64 winners to take 11th place.

The first five minutes saw Scotland get the better of the opening encounter to lead 22-5 after five minutes. After a three scoreless minutes Marla Mayhem put four more points on the board before Nanda hit back with three points, being forced into a call when she got stuck behind Cideralla. A lovely apex jump from Phoenix got her lead in the next jam, but she was forced into a call before scoring, so the score sat at 26-8 as the clock passed 10 minutes.

Marla Mayhem then picked up lead jammer despite some great defensive work from Brazilian jammer Nanda to take the Scots into a 30-8 lead. Jammer musical chairs followed in the next jam, with the Scots edging a complex encounter 9-8. After points were traded, the same thing happened two jams later in another scrappy jam, with the score left at 42-19 with a minute and a half left on the clock. A 19-point powerjam for Mistress Malicious took Scotland into halftime leading 61-19.

Bianca lined up against Minnie Riot for the first jam of the second half. Both jammers broke the pack in quick succession, but smart packwork from the Scots let them take the jam 4-1. Nanda got lead quickly in the next jam, but got caught up on her scoring pass. She called it as she escaped with four, but not before Scotland had put three on the board. Bianca then got a nine-point jam as Lucia did a number on Wild Oates to take the score to 68-35.

Next up, a big hit by Nanda on Mo B Quick let her grab lead and four points to cut the Scots lead to 68-39. Bianca and Marla Mayhem then shared a 4-4 jam, entertaining the crowd with an impromptu jammer-on-jammer dance party midway through the jam.

A big hit by Lara on Mo B Quick let Bianca grab a grand slam, but Bianca was then was forced to call before her second pass as Mo broke free. Lily Lethal then controlled Bianca for long enough for Marla Mayhem to get 9 points. Wild Oates got boxed for a major back block in the next jam, however, letting Bianca put more points on the board for Brazil, taking the score to 81-57 with 8 minutes left.

Nanda then got a quick lead jam call, but had her points scoring curtailed by Mini Riot in the Scotland pack who kept Nanda down to four points, making it a 20-point game. A minor forearm stopped Mistress Malicious from picking up lead jammer, but it didn’t stop her scoring as she restored Scotland’s advantage with a 15-point jam.

That left the score at 96-61 as the game entered its final five minutes. Bianca picked up one point in the following jam before Lucia lined up against Marla Mayhem. Both jammers went to the box in quick succession on their initial passes, but Marla got the better of the subsequent encounters to take Scotland past the century mark with 90 seconds left in the bout, where an injury to Lucia meant the jam was whistled dead. Blazing Phoenix took the final jam for Scotland with Bianca taking the star for Brazil. After Phoenix got lead Bianca was called on a major track cut–and thirteen points later Phoenix called the jam to end the bout at 113-64.

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