World Cup: (6) France Knocks Out (11) Brazil, 212-138


TORONTO, ON — When these two teams met earlier today, France ran out comfortable victors, winning 212-28. When things started going wrong from the very start for Brazil as Cash Pistache opened her account with a 19-0 powerjam, this one looked to be going much the same way as the first game. However, the remarkable tenacity of the Brazilians saw them skate off numerous injuries and take advantage of some penalty trouble for the French to play out a much less lopsided contest. France emerged victorious again–but with a vastly reduced 212-138 margin.

While several Brazil jammers managed to get points on the board for Brazil in the opening exchanges, France’s Dual Hitizen and Francey Pants kept France’s lead growing but not with the same level of dominance they’d showed in the earlier games, with the score at 48-12 after ten minutes.

Bone E Vicious was then ejected for gross misconduct with 13:23 on the clock after tangling with Nanda and leaving the Brazillian with a split lip as Brazil started to claw their way back into the game. The next jam saw more points on the board for Brazil, leaving the scores at 65-34 — with Brazil passing their points total for the entire first game against France with more than ten minutes left in the first half.

The teams traded lead jam calls and points over the next few jams in what had become a much more even contest. However, a big jam for Francey Pants left the score at 97-41 with 7 minutes left in the first half.

A nine-point power-jam for Nanda then reduced the deficit shortly before the half, but a big jammer-on-jammer hit by Nina on Karla Karscher wasn’t enough to stop Karla pushing France into a 121-50 half-time lead.

The first five minutes of the second half were even again, with both teams trading power jams to take the scores to 138-55, with Nanda’s 15 points just before the five minute mark setting her team’s single-jam record for the tournament. After that, though, Brazil’s penalty trouble resurfaced, letting Francey Pants and Dual Hitizen add 29 points to France’s lead over the course of two jams, despite some defensive heroics from Nanda.

A ten-pointer from Nanda then reduced the gap between the teams to less than 100 points, and Bianca then nabbed 3 to take the score to 173-77 with 18 minutes left on the clock.Four points each for Dual Hitizen and Cash Pistache in the next two jams restored the 100-point lead

When Francey Pants was boxed, though, Nanda then showed precisely why she was Gotham Girls’ rookie of 2010 when she exploded off the line to grab lead before the pack had even hit the pivot line, and racked up 14 more points before Francey Pants’ penalty expired, bringing Brazil to within 88 points of France, and bringing their total to over three times what they managed in their previous outings. The jammers traded penalties in the next jam, but Bianca took Brazil past the century mark with some smart work before Maggie Yo Teen finally grabbed lead and called it with the score at 182-103 with ten minutes to go.

Tense exchanges saw points exchanged until Bianca and Nanda continued their great jamming work and continued to nibble into France’s lead as France billed the penalty box, leaving the score at 200-133 in what looked to be the final jam. Karla Karsher picked up 8 to Bianca’s three and called it with 13 seconds left on the period clock.

Brazil then used their final time out to force one final jam — but there were to be no last-jam heroics as Dual Hitizen burst through to take lead and four points before calling the jam and bout, with the final score at 212-138.

France advances to play 3 seed England at 11:30am on Saturday; Brazil’s next bout is against Ireland.

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