World Cup: (5) Sweden Ejects (12) Argentina, 191-65


TORONTO, ON — In the second elimination-round game at the Roller Derby World Cup, 5 seed Sweden (2-1 in round robin play with wins over France and Brazil and a loss to Canada) faced 12 seed Argentina (0-2 with losses to Ireland and England). The records ended up being a good predictor of the outcome, as Sweden led from the jump on the path to a big win, 191-65.

Sweden jumped out to a 4-0 lead after one jam; Argentina’s ace jammer Chargin’ Tina got out with lead on the second frame, but it ended up spooling out in Sweden’s favor again when she got boxed and HyperNova busted out a 24-0 jam against a spread-out Argentine pack.

Things continued to go pear-shaped for Argentina on the third jam; they lost jammer MAKlavelica to the box twice, though it only went 5-0 to Sweden as they also lost their jammer. On the other side of the power jam, HyperNova got a nearly instant lead up an undefended inside line but Chargin’ Tina, in the pack for Argentina, nearly singlehandedly kept her to just 3-0 with some extremely effective blocking.

It was 38-0 Sweden with 21 minutes to play there when Argentina’s Miss Vik got lead and points, but she failed to see the approach of opposing jammer Mad Maloony, who passed in her the scoring run and equalized the jam score at 4-4. Argentina won their first jam next, but only for 1-0 on a bang-bang call off as the jammers entered pack together, and it was 42-5 Sweden with about 18 minutes to play in the first half.

Argentina’s jammer penalty problems continued with a major to Turbonegra, leading to a 10-0 for Sweden that iced Turbonegra in the box. Argentina called their first timeout there at 16:59 in the first, down 52-5.

As the half went on, the game continued to be defined by much more cohesive pack work by Sweden, who exploited lopsided pack situations and power jams much more effectively than Argentina did. Each team had a clear standout force in the pack — Swede Hurt for Sweden and Chargin’ Tina for Argentina — who were responsible for some huge takeouts, but Sweden’s jammers faced fewer walls than Argentina’s.

Argentina’s Miss Vik finally got a clean jam win at about the 9 minute mark with a 4-0 that made it 66-9, and they got into double digits at 67-13 following a 4-0 from a Chargin’ Tina run two jams later. The half ended with Sweden solidly up 88-25.

Sweden pushed it out to 106-25 in the second half before Chargin’ Tina picked up a 15-0, but Sweden answered by taking most of it away with a 13-0 that ended with Argentina’s jammer in the box; Argentina called their second timeout with the score 119-40 and 20:38 left in which to attempt to salvage the game.

Unfortunately for the South Americans, things got worse instead of better in the next few frames as they gave up 24 unanswered points; once they got back on the board, the margin was exactly 100 points at 143-43 with 14 minutes to play. From there, it was a matter of time, and Sweden triumphed 191-65.

Sweden moves on to face 4th seeded Australia at 11:30am tomorrow; Argentina heads to consolation rounds and will play also winless Scotland at 10am.

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