World Cup: (4) Australia Bounces (13) Scotland, 251-48


TORONTO, ON — The Scots came into their game against Australia without a win to their names, having suffered a crushing 435-1 defeat at the hands of Team USA earlier in the day, and a much closer game when fought to the bitter end in a tight game against New Zealand, 124-111. The Australians, on the other hand, came in having won both their opening two games relatively comfortably, taking out Germany in their opening game and then dominating Finland. As the number four ranked team after the group stage the Australians started as favourites and ended up running comfortable victors 251-48 after they ruthlessly exploited Scotland’s penalty trouble.

To start Bambi von Smasher lined up against Marla Mayhem, and got the game’s first lead jam call, but was forced into a call after picking up three points when Marla broke out and she got stuck behind Scotland’s right defensive wall. Australia’s pack held Moxxi for long enough for Rose Ruin to grab 4 points in the next jam for Australia. Marshal Lawless then nabbed five points without being called lead courtesy of a minor cut, and completing her first scoring pass. Shortstop was then boxed for Australia as Marla Mayhem got lead, and racked up 14 points to take the lead 14-13 with five minutes gone in what turned out to be the game’s final lead change.

Great work by Rose Ruin on the very next jam saw her slow down Moxxie Emerald and get her absorbed back into the pack to give her a clean scoring pass, despite them both breaking the pack at the same time. Rose then notched up 9 points to retake the lead for Australia.

A few narrow jams followed, but Cookie Cutter then put some space between the teams,sweeping around the outside for five near-identical scoring passes as Ladykiller held Moxxie to take her team into a 47-18 lead. An 8-0 jam followed for Australia, and when Fight Cub was boxed in the very next jam Rose Ruin it took some very physical defence from Danger Mouth to limit the damage to 10 points before Fight Cub escaped from the box — but there was just enough time for Rose to notch up 5 more at the end.

Scotland’s defence was called into action again in the next jam when Marshall Lawless was boxed to leave the Australians with a powerjam. Unfortunately there was little the Scots blockers could do but look on from the box as the score passed 100 points. More penalties kept Scotland’s box full as Cookie Cutter then scored 30 in the very next jam, often skating against just one Scotland blocker, to take the score to 130-18 with 9:53 left in the half.

A tighter few minutes followed with 15 Australian points going onto the scoreboard before Marshall Lawless put four points on the board. Wild Oates then grabbed lead against Cookie Cutter as Fight Cub kept the Australian jammer trapped, grabbing more points for her team. Marla Mayhem then grabbed Scotland’s third lead jam call in a row–but called it at 0-0 as Rose Ruin overtook her. Marshall made it four in a row for the Scots as they took the score to 145-32. Marla Mayhem then busted through the pack to get Scotland’s fifth lead jam call in a row and put four more points on the board to leave it 145-36 at the half.

Rose Ruin opened up the second half breaking Scotland’s run of lead jams, putting up four points, escaping on her scoring pass just as Marshall Lawless completed her initial pass. Wild Oates then got out second but with lead in the next jam, and called it for a 0-0. Bambi then got lead for the Australians, but Marla Mayhem stole four points as Bambi tangled with the Scots pack pack on her second pass, taking the score to 158-40.

When Fight Cub tangled with Rose Ruin and ended up on the wrong end of a major track cut call it looked like Australian dominance might be re-asserted, but sterling blocking from Moxxie Emerald limited the damage. In the next jam Fight Cub escaped from the box to nab lead early in the very next jam and call it before the Australians could score any more.

A combination of great offense from the likes of Scully, more penalty trouble for the Scots and fancy footwork from the Australian jammers — most notably Short Stop — meant the Australians could extend their lead further and establishing the sort of control they had shown in the first half to take their lead up to 194-40 with 15 minutes to go. Things were more even over the course of the next few jams as the Australians took their foot off the gas and started to watch the clock as Scotland kept their side of the box relatively empty, but towards the end Australia pulled away again, leaving the score at 232-48 going into the final jam. Marla Mayhem was boxed on her initial pass, and Haterade scored 19 before she managed to escape, leaving the final score at 251-48 in Australia’s favour.

Australia will advance to play 5th seeded Sweden at 11:30am tomorrow; Scotland tries to get off the road to a last-place finish when they play the also winless Argentina at 10am.

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