World Cup: (3) England Tramples (6) France, 383-14


TORONTO, ON — After a shaky start versus Ireland, England ended up as the tournament’s third seed following a convincing victory over Argentina and got a bye to the quarter-final stage to face France, who booked their place with a win on Friday when they beat Brazil for the second time in the day. England dominated this game from start to finish, winning by a very convincing 383-14.

Stefanie Mainey took the first jam for England — and grabbed four points as Kamikaze Kitten beat up Cash Pistache before the French jammer made her way to the box. But she was followed by Mainey seconds later. As both jammers got out of the box Stef made hard work of completing her initial scoring pass, but then racked up five quick points to leave it 9-0 after jam one.

Kamikaze Kitten then followed up her blocking heroics by grabbing a very quick lead jam call against Francey Pants as Stefanie Mainey single-handedly stopped the French jammer. She put ten points on the board before Francey Pants was boxed. Kamikaze then put up another 15 before calling the jam with Francey Pants still boxed, leaving the score at 39-0 after two jams.

Violet Attack started the next jam unopposed and grabbed a quick lead, but struggled with the french front wall. A botched apex jump by Francey Pants saw her boxed for misconduct as the collided with Juicy Lucy. Violet Attack was then boxed herself at the death. Francey Pants then got France’s first lead jam call of the game — but she then picked up a major track cut during her first pass, releasing Violet Attack. She picked up five points on her very first pass, quickly followed by several more passes to take the score to 77-3.

France got some points on the board in the next jam, but a lengthy official time-out with the score at 77-7 snuffed out any hopes of a momentum shift. A run of dominant jams for England then saw them run away past the century mark and to a halftime score of 181-12.

Francey Pants lined up unopposed to start the second half despite already having six majors and three minors to her name. She tussled with the England back wall and didn’t manage to complete her first pass before Violet Attack sprinted from the box to complete her first pass. Violet picked up an infraction on her pass though, and Francey called it at 4-0 as she finally escaped the pack.

Another 4-0 for Rogue Runner was followed by a big jam for Kamikaze Kitten to take the score to 206-12–but the focus of the jam was on the brutal hits of Kamikaze Kitten and Griveous Bodily Charm on Francey Pants, trying to draw her final minor. Violet Attack again found herself boxed in the dying seconds after scoring 13 points. Bestia Loca lined up unopposed facing a 2:2 pack. A very messy jam followed with both teams jammers in and out of the box twice, though Bestia Loca did pick up two points for France. Unfortunately for her those were to be France’s last points of the game as England exercised total control for the final 20 minutes.

With about 15 minutes left on the clock, key France jammer Francey Pants was boxed for a major track cut, which ended her game with a quarter left. Vagablonde then seized the opportunity to add 35 points to England’s total in a massive powerjam, leaving the score at 281-14 with 13:33 on the clock. It kept coming on the scoreboard, with England putting up 102 more points before time finally expired, including a 25-0 to Stefanie Mainey. England limited France to 2 points in the entirety of the second half, running out 383-14 winners.

England will face Canada tomorrow at 10:30am in the semifinals.

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