Windy Repeats Minnesota, 129-123


MADISON, WI–In the nine times that Windy and Minnesota have matched up, WCR has always won, except in 2012 when the game ended in an impossible tie. On Saturday morning they met up on neutral ground in Madison, at the Fast Forward Skate Center for a sweaty rematch. Each team held the lead for awhile, while shutting out the other, and tied it up four times. Going into the last jam, they took the track tied up at 120, and Windy’s strong defense carried on their streak over Minnesota, 129-123.

Both teams held very solid walls, making each jam grueling for the jammers. Windy getting the back wall may have been to their advantage, as they got the first three lead jam calls, holding Minnesota to zero and slowly working up a 12 point lead.

Minnesota finally got on the board with 15 points after Slambda Phage and Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis both went to the box and the jam went a full two minutes. Minnesota got their own power jam in the next one, as the tight packs resulted in a forearm call on Ying O’Fire. Meg Gronau put up 3 grand slams and got the lead for MNRG, 30-21.

The Aquaman Army was there in full, chanting effect

The slow play was resulting in a lot of stopped blocks and multi-player blocks on Windy City, while Minnesota was staying fairly clean. Second Hand Smoke, Trudy, Rhea Volt, and Sampson had a strong hold on Varla Vendetta while Harmony Killerbruise found an edge to slide out on and earned eight more points.

Slambda’s power was countered by strong blockers like Jackie Daniels and Sargentina, and as she tried to push her way out, she was forced into a cut which allowed Jan Trainor to put up 14 points. Three more by Simonis in the next one tied them up at 38 with 16 minutes left in the first half.

Minnesota proceeded to go on a streak of lead jam calls, leaving Windy scoreless for four jams. MNRG used a rotation of Harmony, Slambda and Meg, while Windy relied on a four jammer rotation of Ying, Varla, Simonis, and Jan. Across the board, no jammer stuck out in particular, each jam basically came down to whose defense could hold the jammer longer.

@ Mad Rollin' Dolls (23rd Aug 2014)

Minnesota started to push the lead slowly, but their jammers had to work hard for each point. Ying picked the scoring momentum back up for Windy with seven points, and MNRG started utilizing star passes to limit the damage. As the game went on, the humidity took its toll and a group of Madison skaters would rush out to dry off the track. After only 19 slow, sweaty jams, Windy held the lead at the half, 76-59.

The Aquaman Army was there in full, chanting effect while The Jamburglar and Killanois, who appeared to have a broken wrist, tried to counter them with their own cheering.

In the first jam back, Harmony got caught up in the Windy defense, while Jan found a hole and started making laps. Harmony attempted to pass the star, but Yvette Yourmaker caught on and isolated Smoke at the back. Jan added 14 to their lead, followed by two more from Ying, before they went on a scoring drought and MNRG picked it back up.

A tricky jump back by Emily Brucher drew a cut on Ying and allowed a 15-point power jam for Slambda, bringing it to another tie at 92 and 17 minutes left in the game. Strong defense from MNRG allowed them to keep scoring, and they start throwing Crowella De Vil and Smoke into the jammer mix.

Photo (c) Danforth Johnson

Down by eight points, Varla finally got out first for Windy, but not with lead. In the meantime Crowella received a track cut, making it a full two-minute jam. Varla managed a couple grand slams and when Crowella got back, she was forced to pass the star to Smoke. It ended in a 12-2 jam for Windy, giving them the lead back, 105-102. Slambda quickly tied it up in the next jam with ten minutes left on the clock.

Windy’s defense dug in on Harmony, which allowed Jan to score nine points, but in the next jam MNRG started with the pack advantage and followed up with eight. Pushing to a six point lead, Windy started to work the clock while nearing the five-minute mark. They both traded lead and some points and with 2:01 on the clock, Justice called a time out for Windy, 120 all.

Simonis and Crowella waited on the jammer line, but then Windy swapped in Varla for the last jam. Windy had the back wall and held Crowella, while Varla slowly pushed at the front. Sargentina supplemented her with some offense by knocking out Diamond Rough, and she finally pushed out for lead.

Smoke wore the pivot panty, so Windy tried to keep her away from Crowella, but she ultimately snagged it and got out of the pack. Varla had already scored a grand slam as Smoke came around, finally putting the star on, and the clock continued to count down. Varla finished another pass while Smoke struggled in the pack, and the clock ran out with Windy taking their undefeated streak against Minnesota to 10 games, 129-123.

Windy City

#00 Tamikaze // #07 Jackie Daniels // #219 Hoosier Mama // #25 Varla Vendetta // #303 KonichiWOW // #4 Jan Trainor // #52 Sargentina // #65 Ms. Dr. Joseph L. Simonis // #68 Moby Nips // #75 Bork Bork Bork // #777 Ying O’Fire // #81 Ruth Enasia // #999 Yvette Yourmaker // #B122 Kill Ems


#101 Crowella De Vil // #1016 Emily Brucher // #13 MEDUSA // #1837 Diamond Rough // #2 Meg Gronau // #22 Slambda Phage // #28 Scarmen Hellectra // #40 Sampson // #667 Shiver Me Kimbers // #727 Trudy // #75 Harmony Killerbruise // #84 Rhea Volt // #9 Second Hand Smoke

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