Windy Pips Arch Rival, 171-98


Since last June, Arch Rival Roller Girls have dropped nine spots in WFTDA rankings, currently sitting at 20, and the Windy City Rollers have jumped up two to 8th place. Both teams’ rosters have undergone major makeovers, Arch Rival losing skaters to retirement and transfer, and Windy gaining a handful of experienced skaters.

Solid defense on both sides kept the game close into the second half, but Windy proved to hold on longer in an aggressive matchup under the new ruleset. They also showed how deep their jammer bench could go–even without Sandrine Rangeon. Mighty Mighty Boston carried Arch’s jamming with over half their points. That was enough to keep Arch Rival in touch deep into the second period–but eventually they fell 171-98.

Sandrine wasn’t the only star player missing from the heat of the action; Jackie Daniels was sitting trackside mirror benching, and Sargentina was absent. Arch Rival also had a couple of notable absentees: Chewblocka, May Require Stitches, Science Friction and Smarty McFly–all mainstays in 2013–were absent having either transferred or retired.

Windy started out a bit coy with a rotation of Killa Nois, The Jamburglar (formerly of Gainesville Roller Rebels) and Jan Trainor (formerly Queefer Sutherland of Chicago Outfit) Killa got on the board first with two points, and then Arch Rival took the lead with a 17-point power jam by Boston. Cutting plagued the jammers on both sides for a few more jams, and Arch’s 18 point lead was reduced to two points.

About halfway through the first period, Windy put Varla Vendetta on the jammer line, where she quickly got lead, grabbed her four points and called it. That ended Arch’s run on top, and put it in a two point game the other way, 32-30.

The rest of the first period was full of quick, intense jams. Bork Bork Bork’s notable curls seemed to be on the track at all times, holding jammers at the back with KonichiWOW. Windy’s pack penalties were limited, and Arch Rival’s jammers found the going tough. When Boston was finally able to break Arch’s six-jam scoreless streak with three points, Killa Nois managed to sneak in two more for Windy.

Arch kept to a strict rotation of Boston, Brickyard and IDA the Living Dead, and after only three points in ten minutes, they called a timeout with 11 left in the half. It gave them a small dose of momentum, as they got the next three lead jams, but could only manage five points while Windy snuck in another two.

IDA managed to rack up 13 points with the help of a power jam, and brought it to a seven-point game. Shimmy Hoffa, Tupac Shank-Her and Mayor Francis Slayer worked over the Windy jammers, but Arch wasn’t capitalizing enough when they were in scoring position.

By the end of the half, Windy was leading 79-54.

Half time seemed to be the rest Arch Rival needed, as four of their skaters had already played in the undercard bout. Boston and Brickyard quickly grabbed lead but were followed closely by Windy jammers. Boston managed to get 3 and 2 points, while Brickyard hit a solid back wall and was forced to call it on a 0-0 jam.

Next Brickyard got caught up by her former teammate, Smarty Mcfly along with Bork Bork Bork and Hoosier Mama, while Ying O’fire hit her scoring pass. Four jams into the period and there had still been no blocker penalties, but Ying took a seat after cutting the pack. Brickyard fought the tough Windy defense, but ultimately got forced on a cut by KonichiWOW. The dueling penalties brought it to a 20-point game with 23 minutes left in the half.

Varla tried to sneak around the outside for lead but received a close cut penalty, but Yvette YourMaker and Tamikaze made IDA work for 45 seconds until she could get out of her initial pass. Neither jammers were lead, and it went a grueling two minutes, as both sides are workd the jammers hard. It ended as a 9-4 jam favoring Arch, and after Boston followed up with four quick points, they were only down by 11.

That was the closest Arch would come the rest of the game, as Windy ran away with the score, gaining lead jam five times in a row in a 48-1 run. Arch started to get more blocker penalties and their short jammer rotation was tiring against a very positional and savvy Windy defense.

With about ten minutes left, it felt much closer than a 59 point game, and Arch wasn’t ready to quit. Boston managed to jump through the pack for four quick points while Killa Nois got held up in the back with zero points as she called it off. Those were the last points they saw for six jams, until a power jam yielded nine more by Boston. Windy calmly and methodically took the win, 171-98 in the first sanctioned play for both teams.

The Second Wind took also took to the track in an undercard bout against Arch Rival’s St. Lunachix. The depth of talented skaters extended to their B team, who played a very solid game. Punk Rotten, who shined as a blocker with Blue Ridge all the way to third place of Division II, recently transferred, and Bloody Elle who moved over from the Outfit last year was jumping apexes left and right. Second Wind won, 251-113.

Windy plays again in May when they travel to Denver for a series against the Denver Roller Dolls, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Arch Rival travels to Cincinnati next month.

Windy City

#00 Tamikaze // #121 Smarty McFly // #15 The Jamburglar // #219 Hoosier Mama // #25 Varla Vendetta // #286 AliSin Chains // #303 KonichiWOW // #312 Killa Nois // #4 Jan Trainor // #75 Bork Bork Bork // #777 Ying O’Fire // #81 Ruth Enasia // #999 Yvette YourMaker // #B122 Kill Ems

Arch Rival

#00 Vendetta Vango // #00P5 Party Foul // #116 Professor Rumbledore // #1900 Cloak N’ Drag-Her // 1968 IDA The Living Dead // #299 Shimmy Hoffa // #3 Sleazy E // #4 Mayor Francis Slayer // #400 Brickyard // #520 Eli Wallop // #530 Rhino-Might // #8100 Tupac Shank-Her // #9MM Ginger Assassin // #M2 Mighty Mighty Boston

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