[Windy City] The Fury 145, Hells Belles 101


CHICAGO, IL — The Hell’s Belles and defending champions The Fury clashed on Saturday night at the UIC Pavilion.  The Hell’s Belles were coming off their first win in nearly two seasons looking to be the team to topple the still undefeated Fury. When the smoke finally cleared though, The Fury wound up on top by a score of 145-101.

Fury jammers Kola Loka, Ska Face and Jackie Daniels all came out swinging, tallying five grand slams between the three of them in the first three jams to go up 32-0. The Fury worked the pack behind Ol Drrrty Go-Go, Red Zeppelin, Poppy Spock and Sargentina.  Rookie Janicide Joplin added to the blocking power of The Fury as they kept the Belles busy trying to clear the pack for their jammer.

Shocka Conduit was the first to score for the Hell’s Belles, doing it in style and tallying 14 points.  The Hell’s Belles were working to keep their team alive in the first half, putting Unicoroner, Zombea Arthur, Hermione Danger, and Deb Autry to jam against The Fury.  Most of the Hell’s Belles jammers were pulling double duty as blockers, and there was no shortage of action with T.S. Helliot racking up big hits against the Hell’s Belles even as Pominatrix, Nancy Pagan and Brawla Poundstone were working tirelessly to stave off the salvo of Fury blows. The Belles didn’t lose too much more ground after the opening 32 unanswered points, and went into the break down by 38, 82-44.

When the second half started, The Fury restarted their momentum and sent their score over 100 just three jams in.  In the third jam, Jackie Daniels got lead jammer, winning free shots from the Boiler Room for the entire section 105 (and cheekily acknowledging their gratitude on her way to points).

The Fury defense was still working their recycling, but the Hell’s Belles weren’t going to take the second half lying down. Their jammer pool worked to chip away at the Fury lead one jam at a time.  A rash of penalties called on The Fury allowed Shocka Conduit and Unicoroner to maintain the effort to gain the lead.  There was lots of excellent hitting from the Belles’ Hermione Danger, and though she fouled out, her presence was felt through the majority of the bout.  She was a sniper on the track, looking over the smaller players on her team like a guardian angel (from hell).

Kola Loka and Ska Face were still racking up big points for the Fury to keep them in the lead, but the Belles acquitted themselves quite impressively, only letting the Fury margin increase by 6 points during the second half — not a bad performance against a defending champion on a 9 game winning streak. The 145-101 final was closer than the Manic Attackers had managed to come to the Fury in a 145-85 loss last month.

The 1-2 Belles will hope to continue their improvement against the 2-1 Manic Attackers on April 9 in a game certain to have major ramifications on which of the two make it to the championship bout in June.

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