[Windy City] The Fury 128, Double Crossers 84


CHICAGO, IL — It was all The Fury for the first 40 minutes in this one, but a sudden and fierce Double Crossers rally with about 20 minutes to play made the defending Windy City champions have to scramble for their seventh win in a row, 128-84.

The match up between last season’s Ivy King Cup finalists the Fury and Double Crossers was a night of firsts and a slugfest of epic proportions. Longtime All-Star favorite Yvette YourMaker made her Fury comeback while the team also welcomed rookies Janicide Joplin, Slammy Sosa and Tomy Knockers to the track. Redheaded ruffian Go-Go Hatchet came onto the track skating for The Fury under the new ghetto pseudonym Ol’ Drrrty Go-Go. Meanwhile, the Double Crossers came into the bout all skating under the name Hammer in honor of their fallen comrade, Yvonne Johnson Hammer, and were all individually introduced during a poignant intro as such.

Right out of the gates, both teams’ blockers were mangling the jammers as they rolled through the pack.  The physical play was tough, landing Fury jammer Kola Loka in the penalty box for a major blocking to the back penalty in the first jam.  Double Crossers blocker Georgia on Yer Behind and The Fury’s Sargentina were landing monolithic hits with extreme prejudice and had no issues controlling the pack. Kola Loka came out of the box and exploded through her scoring pass to give the Fury and early 5-0 lead.

Hitting and scoring was back and forth early on in the first half.  Both teams were creating amazing opportunities for their jammers. The Fury was stacking Red Zeppelin, T.S. Helliot, ODGG, Take Out Box, Yvette YourMaker and Carnage Wilson against the Double Crosser jammers with excellent success. While the Double Crossers had a tough black wall of Georgia on Yer Behind, Norma Lee Wright, and Sassy Squash, The Fury proved to have a deeper jammer pool and the one-two combination of Kola Loka and Jackie Daniels was a deciding factor in the overall win.  Relying on solid blocking, the Double Crossers were leaning mostly on Indycent and Julia Rosenwinkel to handle the bulk of jammer duties.

The Fury set the pace in the first half with lots of jammer-on-jammer action behind the pack and a mountain of points racked up by Kola Loka, Jackie Daniels and crew. The Double Crossers were working hard to keep up but couldn’t react to the positional hitting that the Fury was dishing out and the half ended with the Fury up 63-24.

The beatings intensified after halftime, but The Fury retained the upper hand early. Ten minutes into the half The Fury seemed to have things well in hand with a 86-27 lead, but the Crossers suddenly sprang to life over the middle section of the half. The Crossers blanked The Fury for 8 jams in a row while picking up 35 unanswered points – about half of those coming on a big 18-0 for Joanie Utah. Though they lost captain Julia Rosenwinkel during that sequence after she took a nasty fall on her hip that stopped gameplay for a few minutes, they’d pulled to within 86-62 with about ten minutes to play.

Ska Face and Kola Loka got The Fury back on the board there, but the Crossers comeback wasn’t over. With only 2:49 left, the Crossers had narrowed the 59-point deficit all the way down to just 16 points at 100-84, but The Fury showed why they are the defending champs by shutting down the Crossers point-scoring production in the final two jams. Kola Loka and Jackie Daniels dropped 13-0 and 15-0 jams to close the game as heads-up blocking by T.S. Helliot and Sargentina held the Crossers at bay. In the end, The Fury beat the Double Crossers 128-84 to extend their winning streak to 7 games.  

Kola Loka was named Player of the Game, scoring 55 points for her team.  

The Fury take on the 1-0 Manic Attackers – the last team they lost to, back in the 2010 season opener – while the Double Crossers face the 0-1 Hell’s Belles on February 13 at the UIC Pavilion.

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