[Windy City] Manic Attackers 137, Hells Belles 71


CHICAGO, IL — Windy City’s eclectic dames of destruction duked it out with the devil’s love children in the opening doubleheader of Windy City’s seventh season. Looking to pull off their first victory in two seasons, the Hell’s Belles were hungry to put an “X” in the win column, but couldn’t hit their mark in a decisive 137-71 loss to the Manic Attackers.

Both teams were making a mad dash for a win behind some excellent blocking and lightning-quick jamming. The Belles’ Deb Autry scored first blood on the Manics with a grand slam in the second jam after Beth Amphetamine took a trip to the box on a major penalty that was later scratched as an error. Deb Autry’s long legs and grace through the pack were incredible. Every time she was on the track, she was able to clear the pack in three steps, making jamming look easy. Though the Belles came out swinging first, it was hard for them to keep the scoring train running once the Manic Attackers started mounting points.

The Manic’s Zoe Trocious had an amazing night and put up seven points in the next jam, and that’s when the steam-rolling began. The Manics put up 14 points over seven jams before the Belles would score again on a Deb Autry 2-0 that brought the score to 21-7 Manics. Zoe Trocious popped the first big jam of the night to follow that, though, putting up a 15-0 that gave the Manics a cushion they’d ride for the rest of the half. Ying O’Fire and Ruth Enasia played both sides of the track for the Manics proving they could block just as well as they score. With the help of Bork Bork Bork, Mo Vengeance, AliSin Chains and first-game rookie Boo Meringue all in the pack making trouble for the Belles, the Manics held their opponents at arm’s length for the next 15 minutes.

The Belles weren’t giving up without a fight, though. Jammers Deb Autry, Shocka Conduit, Pominatrix, Mya Ssault, and Indiana’s Bleeding Heartland transfer Unicoroner didn’t let the Manics increase their lead after the big Zoe Trocious jam, and the Belles defense didn’t give up any multi-pass jams. When the smoke cleared, the Belles went into the locker room at the half down 52-25. The Manics’ lead wasn’t insurmountable, but the Belles definitely had their work cut out for them.

The Manics didn’t let up at the beginning of the second half. Their jammers increased the Manic lead to 65-25 before Deb Autry – behind excellent blocking from Shocka Conduit, Mya Ssault and Zombea Arthur that stuffed opposing jammer Wreck N Shrew – scored two unanswered grand slams. A quick 2-1 win for the Belles to follow up had them within 29 points at 66-37. This was like blood in the water for the Manics, though, as they turned up the heat and rallied to score 43 more points – featuring 15-0 runs from Beth Amphetamine and Ying O’ Fire – before the Belles could get back on the board again, making it 105-37 Manics. Though they got their scoring going again in the final 15 minutes, the Belles were only able to shave two points off that margin before the final whistle.

Zoe Trocious was named Player of the Game and contributed 57 points to her team’s victory over the Hell’s Belles.

The Manics face off against the 2010 Ivy King Cup champions, The Fury, while the Belles take a shot at the second place Double Crossers at the UIC Pavilion on Sunday, February 13.

Full Bout Stats | Photo Gallery (Steve Stearns)

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