Windy City Intraleague Recap: Hells Belles 115, The Fury 23


CHICAGO, IL — The Fury must have known they were in for some rough sledding against the league’s least beatable team. They’d have their hands full under ideal conditions; injuries have decimated their line-up all year, but tonight was especially acute.  Among those either not present or un-skate-shod, we include Kola Loka, Hausa Pain, Donna D. Apocalypse, Sonya Mouthshut, Tori Adore, Tall Drinka Slaughter and Go-Go Hatchet. Considered in this light, the outcome could be called a foregone conclusion. In a similar vein, you might assume the Fury might approach this game with impaired intensity. In that regard, you would be wrong.

So circumstances dictated that the fans get a good look at the Fury’s second string. Shout-outs were clearly earned by Dee Monica, Red Zeppelin and Carnage Wilson for their outstanding game.  They played with real fire in their bellies and deserve a heap more track time. Ivanna Riot, Psych O’Sis and Ivy Sedation also distinguished themselves, but the Hell’s Belles seem untouchable and clearly represent the highest concentration of talent in the short history of the league.

For the Fury, every time one of their jammers reached the verge of daylight, they found themselves hung up on the buttocks of Belle Diablo or Harmadillo, the best two pivots in Cicero that night. Varla continues to burn up the linoleum, copping a 16-pointer, which would be a personal record for most anyone else.

From a rock-‘em-sock-‘em angle, the teams seemed almost evenly matched, with Anita Applebomb and Juanna Rumbel rattling more than a few red helmets with their hard hits, but speed-wise, the Fury couldn’t even get close. That probably carried the day for the Belles, but damned if they weren’t pretty fun to watch.

The Hell’s Belles try to put the capper on a dominating season at May 31′s Ivy King Cup Championship match, where they’ll take on the Double Crossers. The Fury and the Manic Attackers will fight it out for third place.

Photo: Ryan Horejs

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