Windy City Intraleague Recap: Double Crossers 79, Manic Attackers 32


CHICAGO, IL — A lot of people were pulling for the Manic Attackers in Windy City’s May 10th matchup — including, quite likely, many Double-Crossers fans. Their protracted journey toward viability should be rewarded with something more than a zero in the “W” column, and the warrior clown makeup they were sporting certainly won them the admiration of those who didn’t cower in fear. But the growing intensity of their defensive game failed to ruffle the plumage of the Double-Crossers and victory remains a tantalizing dream hovering barely out of reach.

The Manics started out strong and for much of the first half stayed competitive, but as the clock inched toward halftime, the deficit on the scoreboard grew increasingly insuperable. All the way down the stretch, however, the Manics continued to throw down the gauntlet, walloping their black-clad opponents with hips, knees and elbows. The Double-Crossers’ composure was surely tested under this insane assault.

Ying o’Fire and Wreck ‘n’ Shrew in particular brought to mind nothing less than a couple of unsecured cannonballs rolling around on the deck of a rocking pirate ship. Also, Beth Amphetamine’s slashing and savage trajectories belied a cold-blooded and effective appetite for mayhem. The pitched battles roiling the pack gave all the attendees some ineffable sense of a primeval chaos goddess stirring to life on the periphery of an unperceivable horizon. This chaos manifested in some bizarre blocking match-ups in the second half: Wreck ‘n’ Shrew versus Unk and Donna Party versus Stegascorus.

The Double-Crossers remain as smart as ever and, after the break, the outcome was never in question. Peglegs showed her best speed and agility so far this year, cutting in and around her would-be blockers with supreme confidence. And credit the Crossers with artfully assimilating their many rookies; Georgia on your Behind, Karmageddon, Norma Lee Wright and Sassy Squash are already hip to the XX style and making a palpable impact and Slammah Montana, Stella Sabotage and Reina Chaos benefited from more time in the spotlight as they gear up for the Ivy King Cup match.

Photo: Ryan Horejs

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