[Windy City]: Hells Belles 140, The Fury 79


CHICAGO, IL — In the first full-length game of the WCR intraleague season, the Hell’s Belles brought the Fury’s two-year, 15-game winning streak at home to a definitive end, handily defeating the two-time champs by a final of 140-79.

It didn’t start out looking very promising for the Belles.The first jam of this season-changing bout started off with Kola Loka jamming for the Fury against Zombea Arthur for the Belles. Zombea Arthur was sent to the penalty box on a major track cut after just 10 seconds of play, leaving Kola Loka unopposed. Even though the Belles were doing their best to control the front of the pack, Kola Loka easily scored 15 points.

The Fury kept dominating the track through the next several jams that relied heavily on veteran skaters, but the Belles gained momentum midway through the half with an explosion of points in the 11th jam. Phoebe Fi Fo Fum demonstrated why she was voted Most Improved Skater for 2011, pulling out a key 9-0, and with 10 minutes to go in the half, the Fury’s lead was only 5 points at 34-29.

The lead changed on the 15th jam of the half, as Belles blockers Yameet Ur Doom, Pominatrix and Trouble Helix trapped rookie Fury jammer Rusty Razorskates behind a tough wall; the Belles’ Unicoroner put the Belles up 38-36 on that jam. Bruising blocking from Deb Autry, Dinah Party and Mya Ssault on the Belles and multiple penalties from The Fury kept the Belles in the lead for the rest of the half, which ended 69-40 Belles.

The Fury couldn’t solve the Belles’ defense in the second half, with their key jammer Kola Loka continually finding herself locked up in the rear while Belles’ jammers scampered to lead jammer calls.

It was 107-67 Belles with about 15 minutes to play; The Fury started a comeback there and got as close as 110-79 before the Belles slammed the door on the 19th jam. Zombea Arthur dropped a 20-0 powerjam as The Fury filled their penalty box to the brim, bringing the score up to 130-79, and The Fury wouldn’t score again before the game ended at 140-79.

The Belles’ Zombea Arthur was awarded MVP, having scored an impressive 68 points.

The Hell’s Belles will face off with the Manic Attackers on March 10 in what’s suddenly become the key matchup of a short 3 game season, as both teams are currently 1-0; a Belles win there would all but guarantee them the top seed in the playoffs. The Fury takes on the winless Double Crossers in the other half of that doubleheader.

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