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Tickets are $10 each and you can keep winning over and over and over again the entire month of December! The odds are amazing and you will be supporting a great cause-  Word’s 2015 season!

Winners will be announced via our facebook page everyday during the month of December, so be sure to check WoRD’s facebook page daily to see if you have won!

You can purchase a cash calender from your favorite WORD Skater!  OR through our paypal via the link below:

**Please** include your name, email/phone and address to your payment. (This is how we will be contacting you if you win!)


December 1st - James Gerke

December 2nd - Noreen McConville

December 3rd - Barbara Carpenter

December 4th - Jeff Makela

December 5th - Stan Borko

December 6th – Barbara MacDonald

December 7th – Larry Quinn

December 8th – Lisa Nelson

December 9th – Erik Swenson

December 10th - Jody Gaucher

December 11th - Meredith Linden

December 12th -

December 13th -

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