Why I’m excited about the British Champs! Billie Pistol

There’s just over a week to go until we host the UKRDA’s first Tier 1 British Championship tournament, so we asked Billie Pistol why this event is so special to her… here’s what she said!

_J8B7980tb-001“I’m always excited about roller derby in general but what makes British Champs really special is that it feels like a massive step in the evolution of roller derby.

This is such a young sport and to be able to showcase the depth of quality and quantity in teams across the UK using tiers and championships is pioneering. It feels like massive progress to make this sport more authentic and accessible to fans.

For Tiger Bay Brawlers to be playing in the Premier League of British Champs is such an honour! Having been one of the founding members of the team, it’s so rewarding to see the hard work of everyone involved to get us to where we are today and I can’t wait make them all proud when we leave it all on the track with the best in Britain!”

For more information on the games themselves head on over to our event page!

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