Why I’m excited about the British Championships – Bloxie

Our British Championship weekend is only a few weeks away, so we thought we’d ask Bloxie (our current A Team captain) what this weekend means to her.  Here’s what she said…

BloxieHome games for the Brawlers have always been some of the most exciting and enjoyable times we’ve had competing. There is an overwhelming feeling of support that comes about in home games – both from the league and from the wider community. In order to host such a major event, every single member of our league has been pulling together in an extraordinary way. Together, we are fully dedicated to representing the sport of roller derby to the highest standard possible.

The league’s united efforts in the build-up to hosting this event has drawn us all together and instilled a new vigour into us all. There is such an inspiring support for one another and the commitment to growth has been a special and invaluable factor in our training this quarter. We are continually reaching new levels of focus, skill and support – Tiger Bay an incredibly exciting place to be right now.

We’re honoured to have the opportunity to host and be able to display roller derby at such a high level, on behalf of Tiger Bay and on behalf of all of the other teams competing in this years British Champs.

For more information on the games themselves head on over to our event page!

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