When Blockbeard came to coach…

Lots and tonnes of learning was done today by both cherubs and Angels when we had the very lovely Mr Blockbeard from Team Scotland and Tyne & Fear as our guest coach… But that alone wasn’t enough excitement for us…

First we had to contend with us turning up to our regular training venue to discover they had double booked us with a roller hockey tournament… NOOOOOOOOOO!!!   So after a few choice words (most of them not particularly feminine or ladylike!) Half the team hit the phones and rang practically every leisure centre in a 30 mile radius.   Newton Aycliffe Leisure centre came up trumps for us and so off we headed in convoy.

So coaching began half an hour later than scheduled, but the professional the Mr Beard is, didn’t let our little drive through the Durham countryside put him off.

So skates on, all warmed up and lots of lovely comments about the floor.  (We will be back there that’s for certain!)  Lots of smart drills followed which were designed to help develop and push on our crossovers, toe stop work, and mostly learning how to smash jammers allll over the track!

We finished the session in a sweaty exhausted heap but totally chuffed with our little selves.. we survived!

Thank you Blockbeard and Thank you DCRA ladies for being so enthusiastic, driven and well just MINT!




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