What A Kick-Ass 2014 TXRD Draft!

The end of the season has arrived and with is comes the crazy holiday season and the 2014 TXRD draft! This year the TXRD end of season draft was held at Drinks Lounge.  This was the first draft held at Drinks, and the TXRD rollergirls showed them how to throw a party! There were Hired Gun$ “all dressed up,” tons of fun-filled rowdiness, and a deluge of glitter.  We are still finding it days later!
Our draftees were hazed, dazed, and ready for more by the time they arrived and, in case you missed it, here is the low-down of which Hired Gun found her forever home: Heathen Hooker was pounced on by the Hellcats and will now be pretty in pink. The Cherry Bombs welcomed Bully Jean back from retirement. The Holy Rollers resurrected Hispanic Panic back from the land of retired and had their prayers answered by drafting their newest jammer ThumpHer. The Rhinestone Cowgirls wrangled in returning skater, Petra O’leum, and put a lasso around Catty Whompass, who is one of the new kids on the block. Las Putas Del Fuego made Smitey Mouse an official team member and set the rumor mill on fire by  leaving one spot available for all the raw talent that is our 2015 Hired Gun$!
Speaking of the Hired Gun$, these ladies are full of skill and desire. They have something to prove and plan to stay in the action. Keep your eyes peeled for them in the 2015 season, as they are gonna rock the track and show us all how a Gun gets it done ~

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