West Semifinal: 2W Rocky Mountain Holds Off 6W Rat City, 117-107


PORTLAND, OR — In a bout that may be remembered best for its lack of skating rather than actual play, Rat City used delayed starts and three jams in which the jammers were never released to come within ten points of beating the defending WFTDA champion Rocky Mountain, 117-107. Rocky’s win guarantees them a return trip to Championships in November; Rat City still has an opportunity to advance if they win Sunday afternoon’s third-place game.

On the first jam, Rat City’s blockers lined up directly in front of Rocky jammer Deranged, who busted through the pack but had Rat City jammer Carmen Getsome hot on her tail. She was forced to call it off after picking up a 1-0 lead. Primp Daddy grabbed lead jammer for Rat City on the next jam and was able to put up three points to give Rat their only lead of the bout 3-1. After the bout’s first of many slow starts, Rocky jammer Frida Beater grabbed lead jammer and put up ten points when Rat City jammer Missile America was injured out-of-bounds when Rocky blocker Deranged landed on her. Missile America would return to play a few jams later. The following jam saw Rocky jammer Triple Shot Misto collecting the lead jammer nod and scoring a 4-0 jam after another delayed release.

With 21 minutes left in the half, and Rocky leading 15-3, Rat City and Rocky played the bout’s first jam in which the jammers were not released. The boos from the crowd only let up when Rocky jammer Deranged distracted them with some “booty-shaking” dancing. Deranged and Rat City jammer Carmen Getsome kept their spots on the jammer line for the next jam. Getsome promptly collected lead and called it off. The jammers were released with only fifteen seconds left in the following jam. Rocky jammer Urrk’n Jerk’n earned lead but did not have time to score before the jam time ended.

After three scoreless jams, the scoreboard operator finally got some business when Rocky‘s Urrk‘n Jerk‘n scored a 20-0 jam with Rat City‘s jammer Missile America in the box for a forearm major. Rat City didn’t like those results, so they stalled for the entire two minutes on the next jam, and again, the jammer whistle never sounded.

With eight minutes to go and the score 44-10, Rat City posted a 15-0 jam when Rocky jammer Frida Beater was sent to the box along with a constant stream of her blocker teammates. The full box, coupled with tight walls from Rat City’s Hard Cora, ReAnimateHer, Jalapeno Business, and Killah Kelly, allowed Primp Daddy to score with as much ease as a jammer can against Rocky. Carmen Getsome cut into the Rocky lead by four more points on the following jam. Then, the teams decided to stall for another jam. Jammers Triple Shot Misto for Rocky and Primp Daddy for Rat stood on the jammer line for the entire two minutes while the crowd howled with displeasure. In the final jam of the half, Rat took a knee right before the starting whistle catching Rocky off guard. Triple Shot Misto was able to get lead jammer but was sent to the box giving Rat City’s Primp Daddy another power jam. With the Rocky box full, Rat was able to pick up a 10-4 jam to head into the half with a 48-39 deficit.

The second half was all Deranged. The Rocky skater jammed 9 of the 17 second-half jams and scored 62 of Rocky’s 69 second-half points. Rocky’s blockers took a knee to start the first jam of the second half quickly. This allowed Deranged to score a 20-0 non-power jam. Deranged kept the jammer panties on the next two jams but Rat’s tight walls stopped her as Rat City’s jammers Carmen Getsome and Ann R. Kissed gained lead and put the score at 68-43. Rocky jammers Deranged and Urrk’n Jerk’n then worked the track and took full advantage of power jams to give Rocky their biggest lead of the bout at 97-53 with 17:30 left in the bout.

When Rocky star-wearer Deranged was fingered off for her fourth minor, Carmen Getsome outscored Rocky 12-0 on the following jam. But Deranged got seven of those points back on the subsequent frame once released from the box.

Rat City fell back on their first half delayed start strategy with 14 minutes left. Jammers Carmen Getsome and Triple Shot Misto hung out on the jammer line until the jam clock was almost down to zero; Getsome picked up lead but there wasn’t enough time to score any points. Deranged next pushed Rocky’s lead to 113-65 with 8:30 left with a power jam.

That was the point where Rat City came back. They claimed lead and put up a 26-0 run over the course of four jams, and Rat City was able to whittle down the lead of a very rattled and penalty-happy Rocky to 113-91 with 1:30 left. On the final jam, Rocky jammer Deranged quickly earned lead jammer and started celebrating. She knew she could just skate the clock down to victory -but her competitive spirit got the best of her, and as she came up on the pack for a second scoring pass she was sent to the box. Rat City’s Ann R. Kissed seized the opportunity to get Rat within ten before earning her own box time. The bout ended with Rocky victorious 117-107.

Rocky plays in the Championship at 5:30pm on Sunday against the winner of tonight’s Oly-Rose City bout. Rat City plays in the 3rd place game on Sunday at 4pm against the loser of the Oly-Rose City bout.

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