West Quarterfinal: 2W Rocky Mountain Routs 7W Sacred City, 278-45


PORTLAND, OR — 2W Rocky Mountain held 7W Sacred City to scoring on only 6 jams in the whole game — 5 of them powerjams — in a physically dominant 278-45 victory in the second quarterfinal match of the 2011 West Region playoffs.

Rocky Mountain seemed eager and willing to play a somewhat more spread-out game than the tightly-packed rugby-like starts that had defined the first three games of the tournament, which led to more opportunities for big hits from Psycho Babble, DeRanged, Fiona Grapple, Amanda Jaminitya and more; they were also extremely effective at pushing their own players into effective blocks that often sent the smaller Sacred players flying to the sport court.

RMRG wasted no time in asserting their dominance in the first jam, as leadoff jammer Urrk’n Jerk’n landed a effective apex jump during a huge 25-0 jam while Sacred jammer Sugar Rocket was boxed on a trip. Urrk’n went to the box at the very end of the jam, but Sugar Rocket was boxed again before scoring in Jam 2. Urrk’n quickly called at 0-0 when she got lead, which meant Sacred was in the unfortunate position of having the same jammer out for the opening three jams of the game. DeRanged added a 30-0 to Urrk’n’s opener, and with just 6 minutes and three jams gone in the game, Rocky was up 55-0.

Sacred got their first lead jammer status to Judy Jettison about ten minutes into the game while RMRG jammer Queen Elizabitch was boxed; her clean scoring pass made it 67-4 Rocky Mountain, and Sacred added 5 more on the other side of the powerjam, but those were the only points that Sacred saw until there were only about four minutes left in the half. RMRG broke into triple digits at 104-9 with just under ten minutes to play, and Sacred’s bright point came late when RMRG completely filled their box and Sacred’s Cash Money was able to find enough daylight to get a crowd-pleasing 15-0. Still, though, Rocky Mountain was up by over 100 at the break, 131-24.

Rocky Mountain was in even more control in the second, keeping Sacred completely blanked through the first 21 minutes of the half. On the 3rd jam of the half Urrk’n put up a 29-0 and on the 5th Frida Beater and the Rocky pack pulled an extremely effective eating-the-baby maneuver on Jamn Jewlz, stringing out the pack nearly 40 feet to ensure Frida could suck Jewlz back in.

RMRG’s lead broke 200 with 17 minutes to play at 226-24, and it wasn’t until there were 9 minutes to play and the score 255-24 favoring Rocky Mountain that Sacred got a full minute of powerjam and 9 points for Axle Breaker. That made it 255-33; on the last jam of the game, Sacred picked up their only non-powerjam points of the whole bout after a star pass from Slingshot to Four Closer, and Rocky Mountain won 278-45.

Rocky Mountain goes on to take on the winner of Rat City / Denver at 1pm Friday.

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