West Quarterfinal: 1W Oly Slams 8W Jet City, 239-55


[EDITOR'S NOTE - A previous version of this article stated that Oly had defeated Jet City 220-10 earlier this year; this was incorrect. Previous to this game, the most recent Oly / Jet City game was a 225-83 win for Oly in July 2010. Apologies for the error!]

PORTLAND, OR – In a game marked by strategy, counterstrategy, and occasionally sloppy hitting, top-seeded Oly was able to adapt quickly to 8th seeded Jet City’s ploys and skated away with a 239-55 triumph.

The first ten minutes were marked by Oly’s confusion over the pack of Jet City skaters starting directly in front of their jammer. On the very first jam, Oly’s jammer Licker*N*Split, who finished with 23 points, was trapped right off the line behind the wall of Jet. Meanwhile, Jet City jammer Snack Size was able to squeeze through the pack and pick up a 1-0 lead before calling it off. This was Jet City’s only lead. On the next jam, Atomatrix collected a cut major trying to get by the wall of Jet giving Ivana Hercha a power jam but no lead. Oly was able to outscore Jet City despite the power jam disadvantage to make the score 9-6 Oly.

Next up, Oly’s Stella Italiana used Blonde an’ Bitchin to slingshot her way to lead and a 4-0 jam advantage. Stella Italiana would lead all jammers with 80 points. The next three jams were characterized by the first jammer through the pack not getting lead jammer, therefore forcing the second jammer to call it off as soon as she earned lead. This had little effect on the score: 13-8 Oly.

Eight minutes in, Jet City decided to shake up their strategy a bit. Instead of starting on a knee in front of the jammer line, they decided to stand. Olyâ��™s Stella Italiana was not expecting this and darted off the line early. She was halfway around the track before she stopped to yield her position to avoid the IP major. Stella Italiana would eventually get lead and add four points to Oly’s lead at 17-8. Snack Size, who finished with eight points for Jet City, shoved her way to lead on the next jam and picked up two points.

This is when Oly finally figured out how to effectively counteract Jet City’s jammer-line traps. By placing one of their blockers on the inside or outside line creating the smallest of holes, Oly jammer Licker*N*Split was able to gain almost instant lead jammer status and pick up a 19-0 natural jam. Jet City’s top scorer for the bout, Precious N. Metal with 21 points, headed to the box on the next jam giving Atomatrix, who finished with 66 points, the opportunity to extend the lead by 24 to 60-10. It was all Oly from there on out.

The rest of the first half was marked by Oly getting lead jammer and racking up points. When the Jet City jammer was able to get the lead nod, she was forced to call it off before the Oly jammer passed her up for points. Stella Italiana scored 32 points for Oly in the final 12 minutes of the half as Oly went into the break with a 104-24 lead.

The second half was sloppy. Jet City jammers were in the box 9 of the 19 second-half jams. The pack was moving at a snail’s pace leading the crowd to actually start booing the skaters. Jet City’s Trixxie’s Trash’n fouled out with 11 minutes to go. She was soon joined in the locker-room by Oly’s Tannibal Lector who picked up a gross misconduct when she inadvertently slide-tackled Jet City’s Snack Size.

Oly had their lead jam ref pointing at them 13 times to Jet City’s 3 in the second half helping them score at will. One of the second-half highlights was Oly’s Stella Italiana’s 27-0 power jam with only two Jet City blockers on the track. Oly won this tune-up 239-55 to earn the right to play in the semi-finals Saturday at 7pm against the winner of tonight’s BAD-Rose City bout. Jet City plays next at 2:30pm Saturday.

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