West Playoffs: 3W Bay Area Outshines 6W Rat City, 229-177


RICHMOND, CA — The closing bout of Bay of Reckoning was a rematch of one of the closest bouts of the year so far — Bay Area’s five-point last jam victory in Seattle in June. The game left a lot of unfinished business between these two teams, and more than a few question marks next to the 3 seed vs 6 seed quarterfinal than would normally be expected given the ranking disparity.

A close first half with four lead changes saw Bay edge ahead despite an early-game run of jammer penalties. In the second half the Golden Girls’ lead was cut to as little as one point by a charging Rat City — but the Seattle crew couldn’t keep their jammers on the track consistently enough to ever overcome that Bay Area lead. In the end, the home team advanced to the semifinals with a 229-177 win.

Nock Nock was sent off after a late major cut call having been called lead in the very first jam — and despite some solid defense from belle RIGHT hooks, Kid Ace and Demanda Riot, she put up 20 before Nock Nock was released. Nock Nock just managed to steal four points, busting through the Rat City wall at the death. Chantilly Mace put up a 5-1 before Lulu Lockjaw put up a 4-0 over Missile America in the blink of an eye.

In the next jam, Brawllen Angel did a number on Rat City veteran Carmen Getsome, letting Ivy Profane battle Bay Area back to a 24-17 deficit. But that comeback was cut off when Nock Nock recieved her second major penalty during her second turn with the star. That let Jalapeno Business in for a 20-0 jam as the Rat City pack sat back and watched her pick off Bay’s blockers one by one.

A 21-0 Bay Area run amassed in single digit jams was ended when Missile America stole 3 after a late Lulu Lockjaw call-off — but that only made it 47-42 in Rat’s favor. Ivy Profane tied it up and then pushed Bay into a five-point lead when Carmen Getsome was boxed on a major forearm call — but Rat had Anya Heels to thank after her brutal hitting on Ivy severely restricted her scoring, leaving it at 56-51 in Bay’s favor a little over halfway through the period. Nock Nock and Chantilly Mace extended the lead a little before Mace was boxed for a major back block.

Jalapeno Business put up 18 for Rat, giving them a 10-point lead. BAD’s Lulu Lockjaw then put up a 14-0 with Kamikaze Kim in the box. Missile America then picked up a blocking out of bounds major. The following jam saw four major penalties assessed on Missile America and Ivy Profane across a full two-minute jam; Rat led 86-80 once that mess came to some sort of conclusion, though Missile America did end the jam sitting in the penalty box.

Nock Nock put up two natural grand slams in the very next jam after lining up unopposed before Chantilly Mace and Carmen Getsome split a lengthy 8-6 jam. Bay Area ended the half on a high as Ivy Profane pushed the Golden Girls past the century mark and into a bout-high 11-point lead — the score stood at 103-92 with Bay Area in the lead at the half.

Bay wasted no time extending that advantage after the break. A 4-0 for Nock Nock opened their second-half account before Missile America was boxed in jam two. That let Chantilly Mace make the lead 35 with a 20-0, putting up grand slams with ease with a light Rat City pack in her way. Lulu Lockjaw made the score 127-92 next.

The scoreboard read 136-107 after a back and forth run of scrappy jams when Chantilly Mace fell foul of the refs with a major back block being assessed on her in the midst of a long battle with Jalapeno Business. Business put up a 14-0 before she called it with Mace standing. Missile America got lead after lining up unopposed, but could only score 4 before being forced into a call.

Carmen Getsome and and Jalapeno Business took Rat to within 5 points of Bay, and when Nock Nock was boxed Missile America tied it up — but was then boxed herself. The conclusion of that two-minute, 17-13 jam left it a one point game, with Bay Area leading 149-148 with 12 minutes to go.

A very damaging two-minute penalty on Carmen Getsome gave Chantilly Mace a 23-0. Lulu added 13 more for Bay Area in the next jam; 4 from Carmen out of the box made it 185-152. But unfortunately for her, Carmen couldn’t stay on the track. She was boxed again on a fourth minor call; by the time she got out of the box, Ivy Profane had given Bay a 210-152 lead.

The lead stayed fairly constant over the next few jams despite Rat dominating lead jam calls, including a 12-12 between Ivy Profane and Carmen Getsome. With a little over a minute to go and the scoreboard reading 229-174, Jalapeno Business was boxed at the end of the penultimate jam for misconduct due to making contact with a Bay blocker when trying to hurdle a downed teammate.

Chantilly Mace picked up lead in the final jam–and came to a halt as the clock expired, standing by the side of the track as Jalapeno Business came storming out the box, through the pack, and in for three final points. With the Bay Area fan section counting down the final ten seconds, the bout ended 229-177 in favor of Bay Area.

Bay Area goes on to play Denver Roller Dolls in the second Saturday semifinal at 8pm Pacific tomorrow; Rat City meets Wasatch at 10am in the consolation rounds.

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