West Playoffs: 1W Rose City Fends Off 8W Angel City, 194-147


RICHMOND, CA — In the second quarterfinal game of the WFTDA West Region Playoffs — and the second game of the day for 8th seeded Angel City, who had barely gotten past 9W Wasatch in the tournament opener — top seed Rose City was widely expected to crush ACDG, but the ladies from Los Angeles refused to stick to the script. Angel City kept within shouting distance of Rose for nearly the entire bout, but eventually went down by a very respectable 194-147 margin–despite losing their star jammer Fifi Nomenon to injury during the second period.

Within 15 seconds of the game start, Rose City had a power jam when Cris Dobbins was boxed — and 15 points for White Flight later, it looked like the Portland crew was set to cruise. Scald Eagle made a welcome return for the Wheels of Justice after her ECDX leg break–but while she got lead she was forced into a 0-0 call. A 2-0 for Chica Go Lightning over White Flight put Angel’s first points on the board after five minutes had gone.

Five minutes and several single-digit jams for Rose later, Chica got her and Angel’s second lead call of the game, having gotten the better of Mercy at the front of the Rose pack. Chica put up a quickfire 4-0 to make it 34-6. Fifi Nomenon had an exquisite turn to pass a depleted Rose pack fo an even faster 4-0 next time out after getting Angel’s second lead call in a row. B-Train made it a hat trick of lead calls as Soulfearic Acid was stuck at the back of the Angel pack — but she was boxed on a major cut on her scoring pass.

Rose adopted some old-fashioned power jam tactics to keep a succession of Angel City blockers trapped at the back of the pack, and Soulfearic Acid made the jam 20-2 and the score 54-12. A 4-0 for JK Rolling was followed by an 8-7 jam in Rose’s favor between Untamed Shrew and Dobbins as the Wheels of Justice extended their jammer rotation a little.

Cris Dobbins took a great big chunk out of the Rose lead as Shrew was boxed on a major forearm and Rose totally filled their box — on at least one pass Dobbins only had to beat one Rose blocker to take all five points. That jam finished 29-0 — and the scoreboard read a somewhat startling 69-52 with under five minutes left in the period. Rose went into the break with a surprisingly narrow 86-60 lead.

After nine points for White Flight and Soulfearic Acid opened the second half, Scald Eagle was called out for a major back block on her scoring pass in jam three. Rose again filled their box as B-Train had a chance to bring Angel back into contention — but Mel Mangles and The Blast Unicorn kept her at bay to keep the jam score down to 14-5.

White Flight then had a power jam of her own, and as JK Rolling and Mercy kept ACDG blockers trapped she made the score 119-74. An Angel powerjam followed though when Scald was boxed on another major backblock — but Chica only managed 10 points to take the score to 123-84 as penalty problems were turned on their head. The jam started with a 4-1 pack advantage for Angel and finished with only one Angel blocker on the track.

Scald was boxed for her third jam in a row for a cut as she tried to slide down the inside line of the back straightaway, letting Cris Dobbins and Fifi Nomenon make the score 129-96. But Fifi pulled up hurt not long after that, losing a jam with White Flight 14-0 while clearly fighting pain in her injured right shoulder. She did not return to play after that jam.

A block to the head two jams later gave Scald Eagle a chance to make amends for her box trips when Chica Go Lightning was boxed on a high block; when that jam finished it was 158-96. White Flight finished off the powerjam making it 170-100, and from there Rose City had the LA girls where they wanted them. With a little over three minutes to go, Rose had the game in hand at 184-125, but further Rose penalty trouble in the last three jams let Angel City make the final score a bit more respectable at 194-147.

Rose City will face Oly in the semifinals at 2pm Saturday; Angel City plays the winner of Arizona / Rocky Mountain at 4pm.

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